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Updated on Jan 14, 2023
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Hundred Printable 100 Number Chart
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What is a 100 chart used for?

Learning number is the base of kids learning. A hundred chart becomes one of the media that commonly teacher use for number or math learning. There are some reasons you have to come up with this.

It helps kids develop counting skills and number sense. Coming up with a 100 chart is such a brilliant idea for learning math. With the numbers on the chart, it makes kids easier in memorize each number from 1-100. With the chart, once they forget the next number, kids can directly see and mention it right away.

Not only counting in forward, but kids can also easily practice backward. Simply instruct the kids to do counting from the right to the left and vice versa.

The skip counting method can be easily practiced in a hundred chart. For example, you can arrange to skip counting by 2s and make it a project. Print the uncolored 100 charts and instruct them to do the 2s by coloring the 2s. Make it funnier with add the diagonal style.

Adding the math basic formulas such as addition and subtraction would be great with the 100 charts too. In this project, you can take the numbers from the chart and let them find the answer by moving to other squares until they get right.

How to learn math using a hundred chart?

When it comes to mastering the basic principle of math for your kids, using a hundred chart could be the greatest idea. With this, you can easily teach them addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Let's dive right in!

For addition and subtraction, you can start by letting them give marks on the chart. It begins with adding the addition or subtraction symbol and moves to other squares to get the answer. Practice to do adding numbers in specific also allowable using this chart. For example, you can show the kids on give ten just by seeing the result through vertical moves.

Multiplication and division are also good to learn with the table. Let the kids color the multiples you command them. Discuss together the pattern later. Continue with comparing the colored numbers with the ones on your hand. This kind of method also works with the division.

Therefore, this kind of method is not only great for learning numbers, but also basic math at the same time. It would be easy to throw on the table for kids and even adults as well!

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Can kids have fun learning numbers?

If your kids already feel bored to stick with the paper all the time, the sensory bin come up as the solution. You might seek the idea of sensory bins, then this post is right for you!

Sensory bins are used to learn about texture, color, and even sensitivity. In this field, you can throw those aspects into one activity. For the base, you have a lot of options such as jelly beans, rice, beans, seeds, and more.

Go with the puzzle hunt sensory bin. All you need to prepare are the number puzzle, rice, and a huge container. Scramble the numbers on the rice at first. To play with this, kids have to find the numbers and match them with the puzzle. It is such a great activity to test their memory.

Planting the seeds could be fun too. Prepare some seeds along with the pots and label the numbers. Stick the label into the pot. Let the kids count the seeds and put them as the number they see on the label.

How can you do color by number?

Color by number is not only familiar among kids but also grows up at the same time. The combination of coloring creates an exciting activity for all ages. However, you still need to adjust the level for adults and kids. Let's talk more about the kids!

In this coloring template, you can have an object that is in line with your teaching materials. For the color-by-number picture, the parts and numbers really matter. Through this, kids can color several parts based on the color you already decide for them.

After preparing the template, instruct the kids to look at the instruction carefully. Make sure they also see the number list with the color code aside from it. Continue with letting them do the project by matching the color code and the number on the picture. 

This kind of project makes them gain some skills such as being able to follow instructions, fine motor skills, encouraging creativity, color and number recognition, and task completion.

Plan one color-by-number activity and make it routine with absorbing events as the theme. Pay attention to the difficulty level also. If your kids are already great with the beginner template, just move to the upper level.

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