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Dec 13, 2011
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Dogs Printable Chore Charts
Dogs Printable Chore Chartsdownload

How do you make a fun Chore Chart?

There are a lot of ideas you can do to make doing chores a fun activity. One of them is by making a good chore chart. Now you may guess what is a good chart anyway? A good chart can be different for anyone. But if you want to do things efficiently, you also need to make an efficient chart. For example, list all of the chores from the easiest ones to the hardest ones. This will motivate you because each time you finish a chore, you feel a sense of achievement and you become motivated to do the other chores. You can also make the chart in a more fun way. Instead of making it on paper, you can write the chores on ping pong balls or ice cream sticks. Write down every chore you have to do daily. Prepare two jars. One for the tasks you have to do and the other is for the tasks you've done. Every time you finish a task, move the task from the 'to-do' jar to the 'done' jar. If you prefer to mark your accomplishments on a piece of paper, you can make a fun chart by using different colors of sharpie and highlighter. 

How do I make My Chore Chart?

You can start by listing down all of the chores you need to do every day. If there are some house chores you need to do, don't forget to include them as well. Now you can make a table of the task list and days or dates. You can make it in columns so you can mark the chores you already did. Now, you can incorporate the chores into your schedule. For example, you need to figure out first your wake-up time, your time to school or work, and you can figure out your time to do the chores in between. 

Printable Kids Chore Chart Template
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Preschool Printable Chore Charts
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Blank Printable Chore Charts Kids
Blank Printable Chore Charts Kidsdownload
Printable Kids Chore Charts Templates
Printable Kids Chore Charts Templatesdownload
Printable Kids Reward Chart
Printable Kids Reward Chartdownload
Printable Kids Chore Charts
Printable Kids Chore Chartsdownload
Printable Disney Chore Charts
Printable Disney Chore Chartsdownload
Printable Kids Chore Charts
Printable Kids Chore Chartsdownload

What should I include in My Chore Chart?

One of the most important things to include and the most obvious is the task list. You can write them down in a column. You can then make other columns next to it for days and notes. You can take notes on some additional chores you have to do on certain days or if there's something special you need to do on regular chores. You can also add some motivational quotes or your own sentence to encourage you to do the chores.  

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