Face Coloring Printable Halloween Masks

Apr 12, 2014
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Printable Coloring Halloween Face Masks
Printable Coloring Halloween Face Masksdownload

What is the scariest Halloween mask?

One of the things that are associated with Halloween is something creepy, thrilling, spooky, and scary. To radiate those vibes, we can use Halloween masks. However, if we don't want our children too scared, we can simply introduce them to something funny yet still, there is something to spice things up by a little bit spooky and cute that is combined perfectly. We can start with our children with download face coloring Halloween masks and color it together.

Well, back to the question, if we as a parent want to celebrate Halloween with our kids, here are some chosen Halloween mask that is considered as the scariest, on our version, definitely:
1. Pennywise the Clown.
2. Kids Pumpkin Face Mask.
3. Chucky Full Mask.
4. Skeleton Half Mask.
5. Freddy Krueger Half Mask.

Why do we wear masks on Halloween?

Well, this question seems to appear when we color face coloring Halloween masks with our children. Definitely, we do that because it is a tradition that has been running for many years. However, our children are curious about how and why the tradition exists. Well, to answer their questions, we can explain that On Halloween, there was a common belief that ghosts and spirits went back to the world. Then, many people assumed that when they left the house, the ghosts and spirits will haunt them. In order to be distracted by the ghosts and spirits as humans, humans were decided to wear masks. The purpose is to distract the ghosts and spirits so they will see the humans as their friends or fellows, not humans themselves.

Printable Blank Mask Coloring Pages
Printable Blank Mask Coloring Pagesdownload
Printable Halloween Masks
Printable Halloween Masksdownload
Printable Halloween Mask Coloring Pages
Printable Halloween Mask Coloring Pagesdownload
Printable Halloween Masks to Color
Printable Halloween Masks to Colordownload
Scary Halloween Mask Coloring Pages
Scary Halloween Mask Coloring Pagesdownload
Pumpkin Halloween Mask Templates Printable
Pumpkin Halloween Mask Templates Printabledownload
Printable Mask Coloring Pages
Printable Mask Coloring Pagesdownload

Is Halloween a bad thing?

Well, since this is associated with something scary, creepy, spooky, or everything that makes us afraid or scared. Actually, the origin of Halloween itself is not as bad as we have imagined before. The origin of Halloween itself was from ancient Celtic. This is actually an All Saints' Day. When the 9th century, Christian gave the influence to Celtic lands. Christianity came and mixed or even replace the older Celtic rites. So, the influence of Christianity led the Celtic to celebrate All Soul 'Day, to honor the dead. This is similar to the previous Celtic tradition, which is celebrated with bonfires, dress up in costumes. The costumes were saints, angels, and demons. So, we can conclude that the Halloween thing is not bad at all.

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