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Updated on Nov 10, 2022
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DBT Printable House Templates
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What is DBT House?

Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) frequently employs the idea of an organized therapeutic setting, which is referred to as a "DBT house." DBT is a form of psychotherapy created by psychologist Marsha M. Linehan to assist people who have trouble controlling their emotions, avoiding destructive behaviors, and interacting with others, especially those who have been identified as having a borderline personality disorder (BPD).

The DBT home represents the therapy process metaphorically and acts as a framework for planning and performing DBT interventions. It is made up of multiple interwoven components, each of which is important in encouraging personal growth, emotional stability, and the development of adaptive coping abilities. 

What are the Components of the DBT House?

The fundamental ideas and presumptions that underlie DBT are represented by the foundation. It is founded on the idea of radical acceptance, which entails embracing oneself and one's situation without passing judgment on them but still understanding the necessity of change and personal development. The foundation also stresses how crucial it is to balance change and acceptance in therapy.

The ground level of the DBT home symbolizes mindfulness, which is a vital component of DBT. It requires having the capacity to notice and articulate one's experiences without getting paralyzed by them as well as creating a nonjudgmental awareness of the current moment. To improve self-awareness and lessen emotional reactivity, mindfulness techniques like meditation and mindful breathing are taught and practiced.

The DBT house's first level is dedicated to creating and enhancing behavioral replacements for maladaptive habits. These tactics are intended to deal with certain problematic behaviors, such as self-harm, suicidal thoughts, substance misuse, or impulsive conduct. To educate people on various coping mechanisms, such as distress tolerance, emotion control, interpersonal effectiveness, and mindfulness, skills training groups are run.

The necessity of validation in the therapeutic process is represented on the second level of the DBT home. Validation entails accepting and comprehending the individual's feelings, ideas, and experiences without passing judgment. Validation strategies are used by therapists to establish a secure and supportive atmosphere, promote empathy, and strengthen the therapeutic partnership. Validating the person's experiences reduces emotional suffering and fosters a sense of acceptance and affirmation.

The DBT house's third floor is dedicated to encouraging personal development and transformation. It entails recognizing and rejecting harmful attitudes and actions as well as learning new techniques and approaches. Individual therapy sessions are intended to examine underlying problems, establish objectives, and focus on certain areas that need to improve. In order to address issues, improve problem-solving abilities, and establish change action plans, the client and therapist work together.

The dialectics idea, which emphasizes striking a balance between opposing forces or viewpoints, is symbolized by the roof of the DBT house. Dialectics aims to assist people in integrating these opposing elements because it acknowledges that people frequently experience conflicting emotions, thoughts, or desires. It encourages the person to simultaneously hold seemingly incompatible points of view in order to arrive at a synthesis that fosters development and understanding.

What is the Purpose of DBT House?

The DBT house's mission is to offer a thorough and integrated therapeutic approach that addresses the complex requirements of people with emotional dysregulation and self-destructive behaviors.

DBT aims to assist people in improving their ability to regulate their emotions, developing useful coping mechanisms, fostering better interpersonal connections, and ultimately living a life that is worth living by incorporating a variety of elements including mindfulness, behavioral strategies, validation, change strategies, and dialectics.

DBT House Templates Printable
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DBT House Template
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How is the DBT House Used in Therapy Sessions?

The DBT house is a visual representation and a guide for both therapists and DBT clients as they navigate the therapeutic process. It offers structure, a common language, and a road map for comprehending the various aspects of therapy.

The DBT house, by combining these elements, creates a supportive and transformative environment that promotes personal growth, emotional stability, and improved quality of life for individuals dealing with emotional difficulties and self-destructive behaviors.

1. Introduction and Orientation

The therapist introduces the DBT house concept to the patient at the start of therapy. They describe the different elements of the house and their role in the healing process. This makes it easier for the therapist and the patient to communicate and develop a shared understanding.

2. Assessment and Treatment Planning

The therapist first identifies the client's unique difficulties, objectives, and treatment requirements. A joint treatment plan is created based on the assessment. The DBT house acts as a guide to help determine which therapeutic elements including mindfulness, behavioral strategies, validation, change strategies, and dialectics will be most applicable and helpful for the particular person.

3. Individual Therapy Sessions

The patient and the therapist meet one-on-one for individual therapy sessions. In these sessions, the therapist collaborates with the patient to explore and address particular challenges, create change-oriented strategies, and consolidate the abilities acquired in the skills training groups.

To direct the therapeutic process and promote growth, the therapist may employ various DBT house components, including dialectical inquiry, behavioral analysis, and validation techniques.

4. Emphasizing Mindfulness

The ground floor of the DBT house, which represents mindfulness, is a key component of DBT. The therapist encourages the patient to use mindfulness practices like meditation or mindful breathing throughout therapy sessions to improve self-awareness, lessen emotional reactivity, and improve the ability to stay present in the moment. The patient's therapist may help them apply mindfulness techniques to particular problems or circumstances they are dealing with.

5. Validation and Dialectics

The validation and dialectics components, represented by the second and third floors of the DBT house, respectively, are integrated into therapy sessions. The therapist actively validates the individual's experiences, emotions, and thoughts, creating a safe and accepting space for expression.

Furthermore, the therapist employs dialectical techniques to assist the individual in exploring and integrating opposing viewpoints, challenging rigid thinking patterns, and achieving a synthesis that leads to growth and understanding.

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