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Updated on Jun 02, 2022
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How can connect the dots activity be good for adults?

You might see the connecting dots as a child game. However, it’s more than that. The connecting dots are indeed beneficial for the grown-ups also. Before spending money buying the connect the dots books, better know the benefits first.

Help to stay focused. Dot-to-dot exercise helps you raise your focus and fully pay attention to details. While your day is loaded with tasks, this can help you increase your focus. Try this on and see whether this way suits you or not.

Level you up. If you are a dot-to-dot fan, you might already take the form starting from the basics until the challenging ones. With all the phases you take, it means you also increase your levels in solving this connection template.

A meticulous game for exercise. Through this game, you are challenged to stay focused on the page. In adults’ style, the dot-to-dot provides numbers to connect. Therefore, you have to pay attention to each number. Wrong moves make you have to erase the line over and over.

Stress relieves. Some people love to challenge themselves while getting frustrated. In the middle of a situation where you should keep professionality, this game will help you reduce your stress level.

What are fun things to do with dots stickers?

Having fun with the dot’s sticker is not always refer to kids. Make some art and even use them as embellishments in your room. Turns out your dot stickers into something with these ideas below!

  • Elevate your wall pattern using the dots sticker. Instead of leaving them plain, the sticker adds a beautiful touch but is still in simple mode. Choose your favorite, whether go with rainbow, monochrome, or soft color ones.

  • Dot-to-dot wall art is another level. If you want to add an object template on your wall, constructing with polka dots definitely artsy. Come up with a meaningful object for yourself. For example, the rainbow motivates you well. Then, just grab a colorful dots sticker and construct your rainbow.

  • Additional ornament on your scrapbook. Using shaped stickers might make you exhausted. Try to use the polka dots to place your sticky notes there and see how it made all simple.

  • Makeover your furniture. Vinyl material sticks well on your appliance, even if it’s not reusable. Elaborate on your creation by playing with the dots sticker and make it outstanding!

  • Embellish your electronic device. Make an artsy look on your MacBook with made your version of the Apple logo on the front side. It can be wonderful though.

Hard Connect the Dots Coloring Pages
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Hard Connect the Dots Printable Pages
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How can you celebrate International Dot Day?

International Dot Day celebrates raising awareness about self-potential in the creative field. It commemorates every September 15. Adults and kids join this celebration while also doing some activities to make it festive. This explanation gonna leads you to have things to do on that day.

Read “The Dots” which was written by Peter H. Reynolds. This book presents the illustration and the story of a girl who just find her creative talent. What an inspiring story to deliver.

Sing “The Dots Song”. It’s a kid-friendly song written by Emily Arrow and Peter H. Reynolds. Play the rhyme and show it on screen. Take your kids to listen and enjoy the song while also following the motion. It is such a great way to make them enthusiastic about the celebration.

Share stationery for school. During the commemoration, some schools might have special occasions connected with art making. Have a visit and bring some supplies they might use.

Paint the dots. It's incomplete if you celebrate The Dots Day without getting any art connected to commemoration. Grab your canvas and brush dots right away!

How do you use a dots stencil?

Dots are indeed a simple pattern. Therefore, creating the dots art which pushes you to make the same look is not an easy job. This is where the stencil is needed. Stencils are used to create the perfect shape by only tracing it on your background and having exactly seen it. If you just figure out the use, then this is for you!

Use the stencil as your wall painting. Instead takes time in create dots one by one, using the stencil helps you have the exact design along with no regretful result. Apply the stencil on your wall and use your spray paint. Take out the stencil and see how your masterpiece looks!

Create a complex pattern. Add new vibes to your house with any painting art with dots based. It doesn’t matter if you are not the art master, but you can still get the stencil to make this out. Have a pattern that matches your dot’s art interest. Print it out and stick it on your canvas. Use the spray paint to trace evenly.

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