Printable Math Multiplication Tables Worksheet

Oct 04, 2022
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Printable Multiplication Times Table Chart
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How to DIY a multiplication table?

Learning multiplication commonly will involve the table. The teacher is commonly the one who makes it. Therefore, making some alternatives with the students who DIY the multiplication table should be better. Here’s how you can arrange for the students to DIY multiplication worksheets.

Decide on the multiplication chart content first. For kids 1 until 15 is more than enough. For the table, you either can provide the blank ones or just make them do it by themselves.

If you are the one who prepares the blank table, make sure you serve as the students' amount. Meanwhile, if the kids require to do the table, then you should request some materials to bring.

Before entering the making process, instruct the kids' ruler, coloring pencil, pen, and a black marker. However, you need to prepare a multiplication table as guidance for DIY. Show the table on the screen and make the students copy it on their design. The black marker was used to make the upper and the left grid numbers.

The ruler and pen are the needs to make the grid and the numbers' content. Meanwhile, the pencil color is supposed to draw the line so the students would easily find the result once they do multiplication and look at the table. The multiplication table works for the test too. You can just provide the table with the list of numbers to do and instruct the students to create it.

Involving the students in making the multiplication table makes them familiar with it and understand how it works. It is such a great test tool too. Creating the multiplication chart without looking at the example means they need to think about the result of each multiplication too.

How do you practice the color by number worksheet?

When start teaching numbers to preschoolers, you might consider the color by number worksheet as the test tool. If you want to go to further levels, apply some math formulas such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Here’s how you can practice the color-by-number worksheet.

Start with the simplest one, color by the number which requires the students to match the number on the picture and color code. Customizing with the event could be nice too.

Besides introducing students to the number, it also allows them to items related to the occasion. Put various colors as the color code, so students can scratch some of their coloring pencils too.  

For a bit complex one that suits kindergarten, the addition, and subtraction suits perfectly. This worksheet makes the students need to count those formulas first to define the color code. The result is the color code on the list. Th

e further level is the multiplication and division worksheet. It’s suited for the 3rd graders which already introduce to those formulas. Same with addition and subtraction, students need to solve the question to find the color code, so they can color the template with the appropriate ones.

As a result, color by number not only engages for one skill but two. The combination of numbers and the coloring suits math class yet also the coloring ones.

Choose the types of color by number worksheet as your kid’s grade. Provide the picture with something that closes with them and let them have fun with it.

1 Multiplication Worksheet Printable
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Printable Multiplication Times Table Worksheet
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How can I help my kids learn multiplication fast?

If you are just about to introduce your kids to multiplication, then better to start with the times' table. Even though it’s used to teach in elementary school, no matter to be early the teacher is.

However, sticking only with the table is not the right plan to excuse. Some methods might be more effective. Here are the recommendations to help your kids while struggle with multiplication.

Teach your kids with finger tricks to count. The finger tricks only work for the nine timetables, but it still helps them a lot at the early stage of learning. Introducing them to the songs related to multiplication will make them memorize it easily.

Timetables songs 1-12 suit kids. Using some rhyme from famous animated movies would stick better to your kids’ minds. Utilizing the card game sounds interesting too. Guess the flipped card multiplication result and the person have the right answer will keep the card. The winner of course the one who has the most card with them.

Waldorf flowers often become the template for multiplication. Arrange this project with coloring and multiplication involved. You can let the kids pick the number from 1-9 randomly and turn it into the Waldorf flower content by attaching the result of multiplication also.

A verbal quiz could be effective too. Whenever you spot your kids doing nothing, throw some multiplication questions. The direct question might make the multiplication stick better into kids’ memories.

Those are some tips on helping the kids while struggling with multiplication. However, you also need to teach the basic ones such as counting with timetables and breaking down the multiplication numbers.

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