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May 30, 2022
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What challenging games you can try for kids?

Instead of spending your family time with something boring, better go with arranging challenging games for your kids.

There are a bunch of choices you can go with. If you seek ideas for challenging games for kids, then this post is for you!

The blindfolded drawing challenge sounds good to try. Instead of going with an ordinary way to draw, you can arrange this activity to make them walk out of their comfort zone. Gather all the materials you need first.

It consists of a pencil and sketch paper. Using a whiteboard and a black marker will be great too. Use the blindfolded and let the kids draw things you decide. You can also set the drawing theme for this one.

Decorating pizza is such a good idea for challenging games. In this game, kids have to decorate the pizza by giving some toppings.

They need to do it without seeing the ingredients. You can make them choose the decoration items and let kids think how to include them in as a pizza decoration.

If you want to go with a group challenging game. Eating in pairs will be such a great game. This game consists of two-person one will be the feeder while the other is an eater. Before jumping into this game, you need to prepare the food.

Go with the one kids like, but still consider the safety. Gummy will be awesome. Aside from food, you also need a bowl and blindfolded. The feeder will be blindfolded while the eater not.

That’s why the person who eats should give the instruction, so the feeder can feed them in the right position. The winner will be the team who eats a whole gummy first.  

Those are challenging games you can try for your kids. Don’t ever ignore the safety aspect but still make your kids happy in playing the game.

Why is it important to create challenges for children?

Teaching the kids to be challenged and eager to take risks is considered important. As a parent, you have to train kids to have a sense of winning but still within healthy boundaries.

The importance of making kids be challenged also creates a good impact on them.

Take the kids to dive into challenging things to stimulate problem-solving skills. This is also making them gain confidence in dealing with any life situation.

The challenge also builds the responsible for risk-taking. This skill will make them able to perform in their social life.

Challenges also play part in emotional regulation. With play challenging activities kids can learn how to tolerate and calm their emotions down.

Other aspects that involve challenges are being a hard worker and persistent, having a friendly competition mindset, and so on.

Therefore, creating challenging activity perform quite much in kids’ life, especially for further. Make sure you keep this in mind and teach those skills to your kids.

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Can kids do hard connect the dots?

Instead of only making the kids deal with the ordinary style of connecting dots worksheet, you can let them move to the next stage with the hard one.

Of course, the style is different from the connecting dots worksheet that is supposed for an introduction. Let’s get to the details!

Talk about the hard level of connecting the dots worksheet, it commonly consists of numbers as clues. This kind of worksheet might confuse you because it should be hard but still kid-friendly.

Let’s jump to constructing the worksheet. It needs to be the one that has many number clues but has a simple and clear pattern.

Basically, you have to attach the clues of the picture while the numbers they should connect will become the side part only. This kind of design might not make them have difficulties.

In this worksheet, kids have to connect the numbers based on the arrangement. You can involve a picture that is quite familiar to them. Let your kids have fun while learning about numbers.

What items I can consist of in the winter connecting dots worksheet?

When it comes to the winter theme worksheet, of course, you have to attach the things that are linked to this season. It is also in line with connecting the dots worksheet.

There are numerous items to attach. Let’s check this out for the details!

Snowman is the common thing in winter. During this season, people will come out and build this with friends.

Therefore, attaching the snowman in connecting dots worksheets for winter is necessary. Socks become essential items in winter.

That’s why putting this item on is a great choice. The pine tree is such a common decoration in winter. Involve the pine tree with the light bulbs as part of your worksheet.

Other things you can include are penguins, snowballs, ice skaters, snowflakes, and many more.

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