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May 23, 2023
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What are the Benefits of Grieving and Remembering Loved Ones?

Grief is a natural response associated with loss. Many people say that grieving and remembering those who have died is a bad thing. They often ask the grieving person to forget about it.

Whereas "grief does not mean forgetting." Grief must be felt fully to understand your sad feelings. In fact, if you can understand the feeling of grief deeply, you will get the benefits of grieving and remembering.

  1. Increase Empathy

    The pain you feel when you grieve will teach you about empathy. That feeling of grief will make you a human being who has great empathy for other people who feel the same way as you. So, when someone else loses, you will try to comfort and help that person.

  2. Appreciate Life

    Grief can also make you appreciate life and love more. You will be able to appreciate the existence of friends, family, and people who care about you.

    That's because death is a reminder to us that humans will not live forever. This makes us appreciate every encounter and love given by others. We will also become someone who always tries to do all good things and looks at life in a positive way.

  3. Your Life Values Will Change

    With grief, you will become someone who has new values in life. That's what makes you turn into a wise and positive person.

    That's because, during the experience of grief, you do new things that have never been done before. It can bring up new interests for you. An example is deciding to make a new career that is very different from your previous career.

  4. You Become a Strong Person

    Losing a loved one makes us a great inner strength that we never realized before. However, you only realize it when there is a sense of grief.

  5. More Sensitive to Your Own Condition

    By feeling grief, you will realize that you need the help of others to overcome this sadness. One way is to go to a counselor or psychologist. By consulting a psychologist, you can improve your mental condition. So, that's one thing that proves that grief will turn you into someone who cares about your own mental health.

Did You Know That Music Can Help Overcome Grief?

While music can bring up memories, it can also help you to deal with loss. There is an explanation for how the brain, sadness, and music are related.

The human brain is the center of emotions, including happiness and sadness. There are neurotransmitters that can regulate all emotions and feelings. When feeling sad, humans tend to do negative coping so the pleasure center in the brain can become active. However, there are also people who do positive activities to create feelings of happiness. One of them is listening to music.

Music is a great coping tool and will not have any negative effect on you. By listening to music when you're sad, your brain will release neurotransmitters that have the same effect as addiction. Therefore, you will continue to repeat the music so it can bring up feelings of happiness to cure that feeling of sadness.

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How Can You Reduce Grief?

Loss is a condition that will be felt by everyone. When you lose, everyone must feel deep sadness. Even though we have discussed the benefits of feeling grief above, you shouldn't feel that feeling for a long time.

Therefore, you should also try to reduce the grief so you can focus on moving on with life again. So, here are some ways you can do this.

  1. Express Your Sad Feelings

    The first thing you have to do is release all the sadness you feel. Don't hide these feelings because it will give a bad effect on your mental health. So don't act like you're strong, but you need to understand that grief exists.

  2. Tell It to the Closest Person

    There's nothing wrong with asking a friend, partner, or family member you trust for help. Don't live all those sad moments alone. By telling stories, you can express all the sadness you feel.

  3. Understand the Different Stages of Grief

    Sadness or grief has several stages. So, if you haven't accepted the loss, it's normal. The reason is, it is the first stage of the grieving process and everyone has experienced it.

    In the grieving process, there are five stages that you must go through. The first stage is denial. Then, you will experience the anger stage. The third is the negotiation stage. Next, you will feel the depression stage. Finally, all of that will end with the acceptance stage. At that final stage, you can accept the loss.

  4. Join the Community

    You need to find a new group or community that matches your hobby or passion. There, you will interact with new people. You will also do various activities with other people. In this way, you will focus on all these activities and can forget about the grief you are feeling.

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