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Dec 02, 2022
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Printable Christian Bookmarks
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How do Christians celebrate Christmas?

December is a time for Christians to prepare for Christmas. The festive celebration is held to commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ. This was invented by the Rome church which started the formal celebration on December 25, 336. It was during the reign of emperor Constantine that made the Christianity main religion in Rome. The commemoration then brings so many traditions to this day.

Give honor to the holy season of Advent. In Christianity, Advent means the preparation period for Jesus Christ's birthday. Nowadays, the counting down calendar with the present inside is quite popular at the end of the year. However, during the preps, Christian will create the undecorated wreath and display three purple candles along with a pink one. The first candle lights on the first Sunday, two candles for the second Sunday, and the pink on the third Sunday.

Read the story about Jesus’s birth. The Gospels will be chosen, and some people tend to read them aloud to the family on Christmas Eve. Every week in December actually good too.

Community celebrations. The holiday season kinda crowds and rush for anything. However, spending time visiting the church is also a part of the tradition. Some churches also do a Christmas pageant on the celebration day.

Other activities Christians do are buy and give presents, sing Christmas carols, deliver more gratitude, and so on.

What kids can do on Christmas?

After having some religious traditions due to the Jesus’ birth commemoration, you might think of some chilling activities for your kids. Games and crafts are the best options. If you seek some inspirational activities below!

Making a holiday season bookmark. It’s like a common activity but can be enjoyable too. Make it exceptional by creating a 3D bookmark with any Christmas-linked symbols there. Besides, you can also work with popsicle sticks and the corner style.

Create a garland from snacks. This crafting could be more fun. Have a bowl of popcorn in many different colors. Prepare the crafting needle and string too. Let your kids explore colors by creating the garland. Other snacks such as candies and jellybeans would be great too.

Playing Santa’s Mad Libs. Your kids might already be familiar with the holiday season traditions. Create or just download the Mad Libs template and ask your kids to fill it out. It’s like a part of testing and reminding the Christmas stuff.

Go caroling. It's actually part of an old tradition which design around the 1100s. Basically, caroling is singing Christmas songs in groups. Nowadays, caroling means traveling to people's houses while also singing carols for them. Take your kids to do this tradition. Don’t forget to dress them up in an angelic theme!

Having a scavenger hunt for the holiday season. The festiveness of lights and every decorative stuff in the neighborhood is kinda regretted not being appreciated. Create the scavenger hunt and let the kids walk around there to fill up the template while also break to enjoy the sights.

Printable Christian Bookmarks Templates
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What old desserts I can enjoy on Christmas?

Sweets linked well with the holiday season. If you haven’t tried the classic desserts yet, then it’s time for you to nail it. These retro desserts might bring joy to your family!

Eggnog Pie. A creamy pie packed with delightful flavor makes your holiday happier! Add the sprinkled nutmeg to make it stunning.

Mocha Yule Log. It is such a perfect dish for those who craving for chocolaty cake on holiday. The mocha filling and frosting add an exceptional flavor combination to your mouth. Serve this and guaranteed everyone would ask for more.

Baked Alaska. The mixture of cake, ice cream, and meringue toppers creates a mouthwatering flavor. Light your torch and do an entertaining trick on the table and slightly burn your meringue.

Panettone. This native Italian Christmas cake is worth trying and serving. The balance of airy texture with tasteful rich flavor makes it famous as holiday servings around the world.

Choose one and make one of those your masterpiece!

How do you make money on Christmas?

If you labeled yourself as a creative person, then it’s probably a big regret to not take some passive income during the holiday season. Pull off your skills making some things connected well with the celebrations. Things you can sell out for Christmas are:

Bookmark kit. Parents are often too busy with kitchen things but still want to make the holiday wonderful for their kids. Therefore, this is kinda helpful if you sell the bookmark kit because they don’t need to prepare anything. Have some crafting tools with materials that linked well with the celebration. A bookmark kit with snowmen, snowflakes, Santa’s socks, and Santa’s hat ornaments would be great.

Diffusers. Create your handmade diffuser using a clear bulb jar with greens and cranberries inside. Pick the refreshing and sweety fragrant as the options. Add the sayings on the wooden sticks.

Beaded Christmas signs. Bead art is likely to be simple but it’s pretty and most people would like to make it as the ornaments on the tree.

Other things you might consider selling are Sugar Scrub Snowballs, Winter Lanterns, Nativity Painted Rocks, and more.

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