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Feb 18, 2022
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3D Rectangular Prism Cut Out
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How do you make a 3D birthday as a kids' project?

Becoming a teacher for young learners is not an easy job. You have to be creative in constructing a project that is engaging for them. 3D art will be the great one.

You can involve the things related to them. The birthday card will be the one. Let’s dive right in to know how you can construct this project!

Before jumping into the making, you have to decide on the design to construct. You can go with the birthday card that has the balloons and the Happy Birthday tags in it. Let’s go to prepare all the needs.

Gather all your materials such as colored paper, glue dots, Happy Birthday bubble letter stencil, balloon template, ruler, pencil, glue, and scissor.

Time to construct the birthday card! Start with making the card cutout. You can give the size of the card kids needs to work with. Let them measure the colored paper and make the card cutout by themselves. Remember that the size should be foldable.

After having the card cut out, then you can let them make the embellishment. Instruct them to trace the Happy Birthday stencil into the colored paper. Of course, it needs to be contras with the card template.

Continue with making the balloons embellishments. Let them construct with the amount they wish. Giving them the minimum limit will be great.

When all the components are done, then jump to construct every item. Stick all the balloons in the card. Use the glue dots to make a 3D effect.

Continue with placing the Happy Birthday tags and the birthday card is ready. To pull off the kids’ creativity, you can free them to add other embellishments such as ribbon and glitter.

That’s how you can construct the 3D birthday card project. Let the kids enjoy while also learning in making 3D art, so they can perform it anytime.

What the 3D art benefit for kids?

Crafting belongs to an activity that kids cannot let go of. If you are a preschool or kindergarten teacher, you might deal with this activity all the time. The craft activity might include the 3D ones.

Therefore, things you need to keep in mind are not only the result of its craft but also the process that load with many benefits for the kids. Here are the 3D art benefits for kids you need to know.

Constructing 3D art will be beneficial to improve kids' fine motor skills. By creating 3D art, kids learn about the surface of the art which is different from 2D.

Crafting with 3D art as the theme also gives them the experience in feel how the texture of the paper and also other materials such as glue dots, pencils, and more.

To make the kids learn the different visuals, you can make them create 3D art while also looking at the 2D template as guidance. They will feel the difference. However, you still need to attach the instruction.

Other benefits to get from finishing this activity, kids are boosting counting and pattern recognition, self-expression in art, being more patient, and concentrating.

Those are the benefits of constructing 3D art for kids. It also will be more beneficial if you use a theme that is in line with the season or event. Through this, you can introduce the kids to the items of each occasion.

Printable 3D Rectangular Prism
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How do you make kids learn in making rectangles?

Talking about preschoolers’ classes, you must be starting the learning with something basic. The basic shape such as rectangles must be included.

Therefore, you have to construct activities that make the kids sharpen their ability in making rectangles. If you seek the activity ideas, then just jump below!

You can start the worksheet that makes the kids trace the rectangle spelling and the shape. Continue with letting the kids trace the worksheet in a different size.

However, you need to provide a real example and then guide them in making the rectangle. Then, you can go with the worksheet that supposed them to trace and color.

Involve the combination of tasks in a worksheet. You can add activities to make the kids trace the rectangle in a color, drawing the rectangle as the amount you decide, and seeking the rectangles in a bunch of geometry shapes. Providing a picture that constructs from a rectangle sounds great too.

Involve the rectangular as the math worksheet is such a great way to learn too. Provide the question that makes the kids count the rectangles on the worksheet. Besides, you also can involve numbers to make the kids connect rectangular shapes.

Those are the activities you can attach to the rectangle worksheet which is supposed to learn it. Select the styles that are in line with your teaching and engage with them!

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