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Jan 12, 2023
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Printable Blank Check Register
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What are the components of a check?

Although a lot of e-payment nowadays, there are some people who choose the check as their transaction tool. If you are about to apply for the check, you might be curious about the components in the check register. This explanation might help you out!

  1. Name and address

Your name will clearly state on the check along with your personal or company address.

  1. Check the number

It commonly exists to help the banks to access your account. The number corresponds to the check order. It is also used to track your transaction.

  1. Date of the check

It has the details about the time the check is written.

  1. The name or organization

This detail represents the name of the person authorized to withdraw the cash through it.

  1. Check the amount

Check amount refers to the number of cash that the person can take out using it. This will have the details in the number and also the words.

  1. Name and logo of the bank

It presents the information of the bank that credits the check.

  1. Routing number

The routing number is used by the bank to identify the transaction and the bank system.

  1. Personal account number and purpose of the check

It will state the details about the receiver's purpose in using the check and make you identify that the check was paid for.

  1. Autograph

It defines the authority of the check. Autographs also represent that the check is legally used.


How do you save money?

Becoming financially independent is everyone's dream. To lead into that stuff, savings is one of the ways you can take. If you need some tips about savings, this detail might help you out.

  1. Remove your debt. Calculate any of your debt. Prioritizing yourself to pay all of your debt first. Once it's removed, you can use that money for savings.

  1. Decide your saving goals. Setting goals make you visualize where the money would go after you reach it. It also motivates you to keep on track with savings.
  1. Pay your needs first. You can use auto debit from your account which leads to auto savings. Choose the plan such as every two weeks. It makes you being consistent with no effort. 

  1. Create a different account for savings. Instead of using the same account that is used to pay your needs, using another account will make it easier in tracking your savings.

  1. Wise in your spending. While having a goal on something, you need to sacrifice in reducing your amusement things. Pack your meals from home, brings water everywhere, and reduce or even quitting smoking might be the things you can do to reduce the outcome.

Printable Blank Check Register Template
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Printable Check Registers Template
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Printable Blank Check Register for Checkbook
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Blank-Check Register to Print
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Is the 50-30-20 rule good?

When it comes to financial budgeting, money expert often give recommendations on the 50-30-20 rule. It means you split 50% of your income for needs, 30% for anything you want, and 20% for savings. For some people, this rule might work out. Let's talk about the pros and cons of using this rule.

By applying this budgeting, you can have neat spending and make you always obey the rule. On the other side, if you have something urgent outcome, you might turn inconsistent and make you feel suffered from it.

Set your budget with 50 30 20 might make you feel time-consuming. It might lead you to be consistent in tracking your budget. However, some people think that the rule does not always have to be applied, especially on holidays. You have to set up the party along with preparing gifts for your family which is cost more than budgeting.

How can you invest money wisely?

Investing means you are saving for long-term goals. For example, when you enter the phase of retirement, you won't be able to work anymore. Therefore, the money from investment can save you to survive without work. Some steps you can take for investing are:


  • Define your financial goals along with the time you want to reach them and how your feelings about the risk.
  • You have to decide whether go with the one that you can manage by yourself or use the other parties to manage yours.
  • Choose the type of investment to be yours. Make sure it matches your risk tolerance.
  • Create your investment account. Select the combination of investments that also provide diversification and start investing.


After you start investing, then you can decide the goals of your spending. Decide the short-term and long-term goals. The short theme can be defined as the goals that can be achieved in less than five years. Meanwhile, the long-term is more than five years.

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