3D Printable Dice Template

Dec 01, 2021
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Why do people need a 3d dice template?

In everyday life, the use of dice in activities is quite common. Especially in games that use board games. The dice function in the form of a 3d object is a determinant of changing players in a game, for example on a monopoly board game that requires 3d dice. In order to make 3d dice easily, you will need a template. This template will make it easier for you to make dice with a proportional and neat size of each side. When you have the proportional size of each side, the dice will be of maximum use.

How many sides in the 3d dice template?

The sides of 3d dice are 6 sides. This is evident in the value contained on each side will have a value from numbers 1 to 6. This also applies to the template used to achieve it. Since it is clear that the final result is 6 sides, the template will follow the required value numbers on each side. If you want to have a value greater than the number 1-6, then you need to create the other dice in the sequence number 1-6, but if it is used, you will use two 3d dices.

Is 3d dice template sides always in squares?

Have you ever seen 3d dice other than shape squares? Indeed, the average used and what almost everyone understands is that 3d dice is always in the form of squares, but it is not. There is a shape of the 3d dice that is not used very often, namely the 3d triangle dice. In this dice, you will find a more elegant impression than the 3d dice in the shape squares. The materials used for the 3d triangle and squares are different. If you want to find out more, try doing some research on different types of 3d dice besides squares.

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Can I have a triangle 3d dice template?

For the triangle 3d dice template, because not many people have used it, you can adapt the template squares which are more widely distributed. All you need to do is convert the shape squares into a triangle shape. Indeed, more effort is needed, because it is not easy to make the same size between each side of the triangle. But if you do it, you prove that you are a creative person and capable of making something different from many people.

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