3D Printable Camera Template

Updated on Feb 16, 2022
By Printablee Team
3D Printable Camera Template
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Printable Paper Camera Template
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Why do our eyes compare with cameras?

We often hear the term that eyes capture better than cameras. Whenever you take pictures, you might notice that the photos don't always turn out the same as we expected from our eyes. This is because there are mechanical similarities yet many differences between them. Camera is an equipment that is used to record images meanwhile the eye  is an organ. The fact that the eye actually can’t record an image is the foremost difference between an eye and a camera. The eyes ‘capture’ what we see then processed it into an image that sticks into our mind. Meanwhile cameras could freeze the moment into an printed image by using cameras on tape or digitally. The eyes allow us to see 3D images meanwhile cameras capture 2D images. However above all comparison between eyes with cameras, both could stick moments yet what we capture with our eyes will last longer as memory.

How do you teach kids about photography?

If you happen to see your kids eyeing on your camera and curious about how it works, that is probably a sign. Photography is known as a great interest to share with your kids or for them who are interested in it. While introducing them about camera, images and some poses that might look good on the camera you already have spent both your family time and hobby time. Make it a fun experience to share together. Kids mostly absorb from their parents and portray them as their ideal, this means you need to motivate them with all the support you can give. To get them tuned in the time of taking pictures, rather than lending out your camera, you can create a 3D camera or toy camera. Using a paper 3D camera helps to get them to be more cautious in using the camera since it is fragile. Pretend the point and shoot with them yet make it like what you have captured is much the same like what is on their 3D camera. Remember to spark their interest!

Printable Paper Cameras
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How do you create a 3D camera for kids?

To get your kids available into the world of photography, have your kids their own camera. Well, nope, you don’t have to buy them the fancy one right away. Besides, start with a crafty paper based 3D camera. By using a paper based 3D camera, this helps them to know the body of the camera first and how they should hold a camera cautiously. You can find the 3D camera template splattered on the internet. In the process of making the 3D camera they also have them being crafty. There, as they age and know responsibilities, they can move into a better useful camera.

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