Printable Phone Call Log Template

Jul 05, 2022
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Phone Call Log Template
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How can you record your phone call history?

If you are using a telephone, you cannot directly know the call history. Therefore, you might need to record it manually to track the calls you made or receive. Using a phone call log will help you to record and track your call history which you can fill manually after the call.

This template commonly consists of several categories you can insert. Here’s the detail about it.

Phone call logs commonly consist of the name of the caller, their telephone number, date, time of call, length of the call, the calling purpose, and the following action needed. Write the caller’s name in its place and make sure it’s right.

Continue with the telephone number. This is crucial when you need to call them back. Write their name on the phone number space. If the caller mentions it to you, make sure you ask them to mention it twice to double-check.

Write the details about the date, including the days, date, month, and year. When you focus on the call, you might not too aware of the call duration. However, you can look at the time when the call rings and after you are done with the calls.

Provide the details about the caller's purpose in calling you. The last one is for the following action needed. It’s also important because you might need to have to do the following action after the calls. Make sure you explain it in detail.

The phone call log makes it easier in tracking your telephone calls in case you needed it. It also provides details information about the date and time, calling duration, purpose, and also the action you take after calling.

How to make a complete and direct business call log?

In business boundaries, people often use the telephone for communication. When it comes to office calls, they might come from many kinds of parties. Therefore, it needs the tool to track the calls to record the details of it.

You might use a business call log template to record it. Search the template on the internet and print it to record your call business history. This sheet consists of some categories you can fill. Here’s how you can fill the business call log template.

The first one is the caller’s name. Because the caller might be an important person, make sure you write their name with the right characters. Don’t forget to provide the details about the company name. You also should write the number that they use to call you.

If they use private numbers, you can ask for their company telephone number. The date and time of call also can be important information your company needed. It will be easier to read the record if you provide these details. Mention the call durations also.

The next one is the purpose of the caller. When you received the call, you might directly ask who’s calling and what the purpose of the call is. It is such a piece of important information to include in your call log.

The last is follow-up needed. For this one, you can use the checking mark as a sign whether the action is not or hasn’t yet.

The business call log template is useful for tracking the business call history. It also provides the details of the information you might need.

Printable Call Log Template
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Does skills are needed for telephone communication?

We all know that the telephone is the device that is used to communicate electronically. The telephone was firstly invented by Alexander Graham Bell in 1876 through numerous experiments to improve the device and hearing process.

In formal terms, proper telephone skills are needed to communicate. It is considered a strong communication skill. The major communication skill themselves consist of listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

Therefore, the effective telephone skill is divided into more complex. Here are the details.

Before making a telephone call, make sure you know the purpose of calling. It can be for gaining information, ask a return call, scheduling appointments, or even customer service.

Formally, you should apply a positive attitude, be psychologically ready, and make sure you have the information needed when you make a call.

Here is the guide for making a formal call. Introduce yourself first after making a call. Tell them about your calling purpose and make sure you tell them specifically. Ask appropriate questions if you needed them.

Make sure you close the telephone call with a friendly tone and also understand the action that needs to be taken by both parties. When you are the one receiving the call, here’s the guideline to follow.

Answer the telephone quickly. You also need to introduce yourself in a proper tone. Use the caller’s name for communication. Make sure you gain all of the information. Don’t cut off the caller's statement while they are speaking.

The last one is to give accurate information to the caller. As a result, by mastering the telephone skills above, you will be able to give a good impression while also giving or receiving the needed information.

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