3D Printable Box Templates

May 17, 2010
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3D Printable Box Templates

3D Printable Box Templates

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What is 3D?

You must have heard the word 3D in everyday life. You even know what examples of 3D shapes are like. 3D is a part of the dimensions. The most common people know 2D and 3D. If 2D is just a flat dimension, 3D is the development of 3D which has an element of space in it. Having space means that there is space in 3D that can have content. Most 3D buildings are spatial shapes from 2D shapes.

How do you make a simple 3D box?

The box is a 3D shape of a square. Square is a 2D shape consisting of 4 lines forming squares with the same side. Because square has space, a 3D version is called a box. To make a simple box, you need to know what a box consists of. A collection of squares put together with the appropriate layout can make a box. So you have to draw square images first. Imagine a box if removed from each side. Certainly will form a pattern right? That is the pattern you have to draw when you want to make a simple 3D box.

How many corners does a box have?

After imagining a box that was dismantled to get the picture pattern, you will find the number of corners in it. Ideally, a box consists of 8 vertices namely corners and points. In addition, there is a line as one of the elements in the box. When the box is successfully assembled, will form lines from each side that are joined. In the box, there are 12 line segments that are formed when it has become 3D. A box does not always have the same 2D side because of the needs of the box itself, but the formula applied to all boxes is the same.

3D Shape Box Templates
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Where can I get a 3D box template?

With a variety of explanations about a 3D box might make you a little confused. What if you saw it directly with 3D box templates? By using templates, you can very easily create a box. Various 3D box templates are provided by the internet in various different sizes. You can try it one by one so you can see for yourself where the different lines and 2D buildings that make up the box are. Some internet sites provide it for free as something printable. So you can practice with a small box first, perhaps? After you have the pattern, you can redraw and adjust the size of the box you want to make.


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