Spanish Numbers 1-100 Chart Printable

May 07, 2021
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Spanish Numbers 1-100 Chart Printable
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Spanish Numbers 1-100
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In Spanish, what are the numbers 1 to 100?

When it comes to Spanish, there are actually a plethora of Spanish speakers in the USA. We can even find 59.9 million people in the USA that use Spanish for speaking in 2019. The main ethnicity that uses the Spanish language is Hispanic.

Actually, we can introduce Spanish as a foreign language lesson to our kids too. We can start with a simple lesson, like counting numbers in Spanish. We can use the Spanish number 1-100 chart as a device to depict the simple lexicon for them. Well, when we want to teach kids with numbers 1-4 in Spanish, we can say "uno, dos, tres, cuatros".

This sounds so familiar to them since we can find this in many songs. Well, sadly, we can't find the "formula" or pattern to name numbers 1-15. The only thing is we just need to memorize each number in Spanish one by one. If we want to continue, from "cuatro" until fifteen, we can say "cinco, seis, siete, ocho, nueve, diez, once, doce, trece, catorce, and quince”.

If we want to shout numbers in ten multiplication, we can use "veinte, treintam cuarenta, cincuenta, sensenta, setenta, ochenta, noventa." In this case, we can find the pattern that if it's not veinte, they all end with -enta. Also, other than veinte, we can find that the number is derived from the smaller number, like "cuarenta" was formed because it has "four", cuatro in the word. If we want to say 100, we can simply say "cien''.


What is the Spanish word for the Spanish language?

Yes, when we want to teach Spanish to our kids, we need to know the Spanish word for the Spanish language. This one is way more basic than teaching them numbers in Spanish by using Spanish Numbers 1-100 chart, though. The fact is, there are two names for the Spanish language. They are Español or translated as Spanish and Castellano that stands for Castilian.

When it comes to formal form, the official language of Spain is Castilian. When it comes to various kinds of local Spanish, they usually use Galician, Asturleonese, Catalan, and Basque.

Spanish Counting Numbers 1 100
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How can I learn Spanish by myself?

Well, before we teach our kids Spanish using Spanish numbers 1-100 charts, it is required for us to improve our Spanish language skills too.

It's like, how can we teach our kids if we ourselves don't even learn, even understand Spanish? Well, things that we can do besides getting a tutor is learn Spanish by ourselves. Here are some tips to teach ourselves Spanish:

  1. Improve the basic grammar of Spanish.
  2. Bring the notebook that contains the vocabularies of Spanish, write and translate on the notebook every time we find new Spanish words.
  3. Listen to the conversations that are using Spanish.
  4. Watch movies or series in Spanish.
  5. Make friends with Spanish users and use Spanish when we want to talk to them.

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