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Aug 26, 2009
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What is a pay structure?

Pay chart, pay structure, pay scale can be defined by a regulation that determines the salary rate of a labour or someone who works based on their value that they can give to the business. Not only about the value of contribution, but also the effectiveness of someone's performance is used to define a salary that will be received by a worker. Actually, there are some different variations of pay chart. There is individual pay rates/ranges, broadbanding, job families, and pay spine.

However, the implementation of all these kinds are not rigid. We can mix some of those systems in a company.

Pay charts are important because this helps us to know the value and worth of their performance for the company. The other reason is because salary is proven affects the employee. Yes, some employers may feel satisfied with their job and performance. Keep in mind, the salary rate and the invoice detail plays a big role. The basic and main purpose of being employed is definitely to receive a salary that deserves them based on their effort to work in a team.

Which branch gets paid the most?

There are so many kinds of jobs. Definitely, not only the position, the kind of the job itself affects the payment. Usually, the military branch gets the highest payment. There is someone who holds the "record" as the highest paid employee. It is Ronald Green, a sergeant from the Major of Marine Corps. It is known that he can earn as many as $90,000 a year. It's just the main salary. Usually, the officer is paid higher. The new staff of the military can even make as much money as $38,250 each year.

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Printable Monthly Bill Payment Logdownload
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Printable Monthly Bill Checklist
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What is the difference between pay scale and basic pay?

Basic salary can be defined as a main income of a person. Basic salary is the net income. It is not added with the overtime salary, allowance like transportation or meals. The basic salary itself is not reduced by the tax. This is the core of the salary when someone works for a company or someone. If the employee recruitment implements the pay scale, it means that the salary rate will increase every year. If it is not, then the salary is fixed, there is no progressive system in the fixed salary. We can also conclude that basic pay is the lowest amount of the salary that the employee should get every time they get a payday check.

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