Printable Feelings Chart

Jul 28, 2015
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Printable Feelings Chart

Printable Feelings Chart

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What are the 5 main feelings?

Feelings are emotional reactions to a condition. Every human being must have felt. In development over time in the world, experts who master and study about human feelings find a variety and many feelings in the number and type that vary in each human being. but there are 5 main feelings as the root of the many identified feelings that are learned, namely joy, fear, sadness, disgust and anger. Familiar sound? This is represented by a film made by Disney about feelings with the title inside out.

What is a feeling chart?

The feeling chart is a page that contains a short description in the form of an image and also a title that helps children and adults to understand feelings. Even though it is felt personally, there are generalizations that are made and understood by everyone in the world as a way of understanding those feelings. With the feelings chart, you don't need to have trouble knowing what you are feeling. So when you need to be helped through the feelings, it's easier to find a way out. For example, when you feel sad and want to end it, after knowing your feelings are sad, you and the people around you can find suitable alternatives to stop being sad.

Why there are many kinds of feelings chart?

Chart created to understand feelings made into many versions. This is an advantage because there are many options for people to try to understand how they feel. Charts that are seriously made to present data also have many versions, because not everyone can accept the presentation in a single chart format as a whole. Feelings chart with various versions has different designs, the amount of content for different feelings, and many other elements on the chart.

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How to have a feelings chart?

The way to have the feelings chart can take several options. First of all, you make it with your own hands. This method will make you feel more satisfied because since the initial process, making it is based on the ideas and creativity that you have. Secondly, you can have it by downloading the feelings chart provided by the internet in both paid and free options. Try adapting the downloaded feelings chart for the purpose you own it. For example, if you want to give a feelings chart for children, of course, the design you choose is one that is familiar with the world of children, right? Meanwhile, if it was for adults, you would prefer a simpler version of the chart, right? Resources from the internet provide the options you need.

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