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Updated on Jan 07, 2022
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Printable Weekly Schedule Planner
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Why is Paper Planner Relevant in The Digital Age?

Many people think that paper planners are more effective than digital planners. When using a digital planner, people get lots of notifications and messages. It bothers them a lot.

Meanwhile, paper planners don't distract people. In addition, paper planners are still used in this digital era because the process of writing on a paper planner helps them to be able to make the right decisions. That's because writing is the best way to understand information and improve memory.

If the brain can remember a variety of important information, the brain will be able to understand information to be used as material for decision-making. Not only improving memory, but a paper planner also helps you to be able to explore various creative things.

In addition, paper planners are still widely used because paper planners are easy to personalize. You can use the paper planner according to your needs. So, a paper planner gives you flexibility.

Finally, the paper planner is easy to use. If you use a digital planner, you have to open your device, open the application, and so on. Meanwhile, you only need to look at your paper planner to use it.

What are The Differences Between a Paper Planner and a Digital Planner?

The main difference between paper planners and digital planners is the media used. Paper planners are physical because they are made of paper. Meanwhile, a digital planner is a virtual tool that can only be accessed via a digital device. Apart from that, there are other differences between the paper planner and the digital planner.

  • Accessibility: Usually, a digital planner requires an internet connection to be accessed. However, the paper planner only requires storage space and books to be accessed.

  • Data: If you're using a digital planner, you'll need to edit and delete data using the keyboard. Meanwhile, you have to write down the data manually if you use a paper planner.

  • Automation: Digital planners require digital settings to be able to provide notifications. Meanwhile, the paper planner needs to be checked manually.

  • Storage: Digital planners can be stored in the cloud or on the device. Paper planners can be stored in bags or physical folders.


Why is Paper Planner Better Than Digital Planner?

There are 3 main benefits you get from using a paper planner. This is what makes paper planners more effective than digital planners. These three benefits are also explained from a scientific perspective.

  • Many studies show that paper planners can reduce stress. This is because people have to write data on the paper planner. With handwriting, people will be more focused. That's what can reduce stress. In fact, paper planners are also often used in stress and depression therapy. This is because paper planners can help people write down various things, including their feelings, goals, and thoughts.

  • Paper planners also help you to be more motivated. You understand the goals that must be achieved so you are enthusiastic about achieving all those goals. Meanwhile, a study explains that there is a relationship between thought and writing. By writing, it will be easier for us to remember all those goals so we are motivated to achieve them.

  • Because you have to do all the tasks in the paper planner, you will have a good habit: commitment. This commitment is easier to develop if we use physical tools rather than digital tools.

Printable Hourly Schedule Planner
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What are the Types of Paper Planners?

In general, there are 2 types of paper planners. Both are paper planners based on goals and paper planners based on formats.

  1. Paper Planner Based on Goals

    This type of paper planner is made based on its use. In general, the paper planner is divided into the following types.

    • Paper Planner for Work: This paper planner is used by businesses or work teams to do their work. A paper planner is used to track all daily activities. The paper planner consists of various categories such as tasks, plans, and the person doing the task.
    • Paper Planner for Finance: By using this paper planner, you can focus on your financial goals. Important aspects of the paper planner are the monthly budget, monthly expenses, investments, and bills.
    • Paper Planner for Personal Goals: If you want to separate your professional goals from your personal goals, this paper planner can help you. Write various personal agendas on the paper planner such as doctor's appointments, family members' birthday parties, and family vacations.
    • Paper Planner for School Tasks: Children can use this paper planner to record all their daily tasks and homework. It will help the children to complete all the tasks before the deadline.

  2. Paper Planner Based on Format

    This paper planner is divided into daily, weekly, and monthly formats. Here is an explanation for the three types of paper planners based on format.

    • Daily Planner Paper: This paper planner has a page that is used to record goals for one day. So, there are 365 pages in the paper planner. This is the best way to help you remember the various activities that must be done every day.
    • Weekly Paper Planner: Most paper planners are presented in a weekly format. This paper planner requires you to write down various activities that must be completed every week.
    • Monthly Paper Planner: This paper planner presents a list of tasks for one month. So, the paper planner displays 12 months like a calendar.

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