Printable Teddy Bear Sewing Pattern

May 03, 2009
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Teddy Bear Pattern Printable Templates
Teddy Bear Pattern Printable Templatesdownload


Is it difficult to sew a teddy bear?

The answer depends on your experience and skill. If you’re a beginner, this could be hard. But, if you’re a pro, well, you know the answer, right? However, let’s not talk about that. To be honest, sewing a teddy bear isn’t as difficult as it might seems. It’s easy actually. The key is you already have a teddy bear sewing pattern. Besides that, you know how to sewing. If you meet these two requirements, it won’t be hard for you. You’ll be ready to make a teddy bear anytime.

What materials you need to make a teddy bear?

If you want to sew a teddy bear, you’ll need some basic materials such as sewing machine (well, of course) and a roll of yarn. However, to make it clearer for you, below here we’ve listed what materials you might need to start sewing a teddy bear. Check it below!

1.       1 yard of fabric for the body (choose the color you like)

2.       1/2 yard of fabric for the color details

3.       1 set of animal eyes 18mm

4.       To make a nose, use a small piece of felt

5.       Stuff material such as polyester filling

6.       Sewing machine

7.       Teddy bear sewing pattern 

Teddy Bear Sewing Patterns Printables
Teddy Bear Sewing Patterns Printablesdownload
Printable Teddy Bear Sewing Pattern Templates
Printable Teddy Bear Sewing Pattern Templatesdownload
Memory Teddy Bear Sewing Pattern
Memory Teddy Bear Sewing Patterndownload
Printable Teddy Bear Patterns
Printable Teddy Bear Patternsdownload
Printable Teddy Bear Clothes Sewing Patterns Free Printables
Printable Teddy Bear Clothes Sewing Patterns Free Printablesdownload


How much does it cost to make a teddy bear?

Do you wonder how much the cost to make a teddy bear? In this post, we’ll try to give you answers. As we know that making or sewing a teddy bear could be a relaxation. You can get a new experiment, new pleasure, and practice new knowledge. Basically, sewing has many benefits. Not only for pleasure, but it can also make money for you. However, how much money you need to buy the materials?

The cost will depend in the quality of a teddy bear you make. The simpler it is the cheapest the cost, as simple as that. But, the more complicated the process, the more money you spend. Usually, a teddy bear could cost $120 and the production time you’ll need to make it will be 5-7 days. It can be shorter of course, but it depends on your skill.

However, $120 is worth it for such as DIY teddy bear. You know, when else can you make a teddy bear with your own hand? That would be such an achievement and a pleasure. You’ll make yourself proud and you can also have a cute teddy bear too. Isn’t combo happiness?

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