Printable Templates For Putz Houses Patterns

Jan 09, 2022
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Printable Templates For Putz Houses Patterns
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Putz Glitter Houses Patterns for Christmas
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What is Putz house?

There is a history back then why this tiny house is called Putz house. Putz word comes from German word “Putzen” that means to clean or to decorate. Usually this tiny house is used for making Christmas decorations. That’s why in German the word means to clean or to decorate because Putz house can’t stand up alone. It needs to be decorated with another accessories to make it perfect and looks beautiful.  

How do you make Putz house?

Well, although you can buy it at the store, but that’s not a bad idea if you decided to make Putz house by yourself. We sure that it would be good for your hands and brain. But now after you decided to make Putz house by yourself, what you should prepare? Is that easy? The answer depends on your skill. But, don’t worry, you can try these tips from us to help you make Putz house.

1.       The first thing you should prepare is the pattern. You should choose your Putz house pattern because this is the first thing that will help you build your tiny house. However, you can find this kind of pattern on the Internet and sometimes it’s also free.

2.       Cut out the pattern. Yes, of course what you should do next if it is not cutting? Just cut the pattern precisely with scissor or another electronic cutting machine such as Cricut or Silhouette.

3.       Let’s build the house elements. Well, a house must have windows, doors, shingles, towers, and many more, right? So, when you are on this part, try to unite all elements become one. Let’s try to build your Christmas house from this step.

4.        The next thing is make the house base. As we know that a perfect house has strong base. It will keep it stay upright. So, this is important step.

5.       Next is let’s glue your house with the base. This is another part of unite all the elements to the base and make your little house ready.

6.       Let’s complete your little perfect house with accessories such as trees, fences, floral, glitter, or anything else.

Putz House Template
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Putz House Patterns
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Where you can get Putz house pattern for free?

So, now you know the first thing (and it could be the most important thing) from making Putz house is to prepare the pattern. Then, where you can get it? Especially where you can get it online for free? Don’t be worried because you can get it from Pinterest, Etsy, Cardboard Christmas, or Little Glitter Houses.

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