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Updated on Mar 21, 2022
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Teddy Bear Pattern Printable Templates
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What is the story behind the teddy bear template?

It is known that the teddy bear template was first invented by Morris Michtom and Richard Steiff and named after President Theodore Roosevelt. He was often referred to as ‘Teddy’ by his people. Michtom manufactured a soft toy cub and asked permission from the President to use his name. It was a great success. Many bought it and it was celebrated in various songs, films, and stories. Initially, the stuffed animal was shaped like a real one with long snouts and beady eyes. Then, it changed into bigger eyes and smaller noses. There are two types of templates. The first one is a whole outlined one. It is in black and white. Most of the kids utilize this type. The other one has separated body parts from head to legs. Hence, the children need to assemble them correctly in order to use them for craft, coloring, or decoration. Some of it also has colored parts. Thus, it is more lively and beautiful.

How to make a teddy bear craft?

It is a holiday and you want to make a meaningful activity with your child. One of the ways is by making a handicraft together. You can take inspiration from an animal. There are several steps that need to be taken. Firstly, gather all the materials. They are a teddy bear template, a white paperboard, glitters, paint, a palette, water, a brush, a hole puncher, scissors, and a thread. Next, print the images on the paperboard. Prepare the palette with the paint and water. Start painting with different colors. You can mix some but make sure the overall tones are pleasing to the eyes. You can start with the head until the legs. Cut the shapes around the edges. If you are finished, make a hole on top of the head with the puncher. Tie a string on it. Now, it is ready to be used. Together, you can hang it in your child’s room. It will be such an interesting endeavor. Your child will remember the good memories of you two bonding together before bed. If it is necessary, you can make a pair and put the other in your own room.

How to make a fun coloring activity using animal shapes?

As a teacher, you can introduce animals to your pupils through illustrations. Shading the said drawings can be a fun activity. Before you start, you can give an explanation about the mammal including its habitat, eating habits, characteristics, and many more. After that, supply them with the materials. They are the outlined animal images, coloring pencils, crayons, scissors, and glitters. Give them each a complete set. Before they begin, ask them to discuss their plan of colors. They need to understand how to combine the right hues. Now, they are allowed to start. Suggest to them to use many techniques to create more realistic and sophisticated results. Then, they cut them around the edges. As a final touch, add glitters to make things pretty. Give them the choices of displaying the arts in class or bringing them home to their parents. Have a wonderful time!

Teddy Bear Stencil Template
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How to teach your children descriptive writing?

As a teacher in a language class, you want to educate your students about descriptive writing. You can use a soft toy bear image as a prop. Prepare the goods necessary to make them. They are teddy bear cutouts (choose the puzzle colored ones), scissors, glue and glitters. First of all, let them cut the papers around the edges. Assemble the bits until it forms a full animal. Pour glitters. Set the arts on the table. After it is all finished, give each of your student's white paper and a pen. Now, explain their writing task. They need to portray the bear with words. Give them the structure and characteristics of a descriptive text. Assist them if they have difficulties. Lastly, they need to discuss their writings with their friends so they can analyze the strengths and weaknesses of their scripts. Your pupils can bring their papers to their parents.

How to make DIY plush bear picture decorations?

The benefit of making it your own is the ability to be as creative as possible. Now, you need a digital prototype. You can get it from the internet. The supplies are white paper, a marker, coloring pens, scissors, and glitters. Print the example from the internet. Now, you copy the general shape onto the paper with your own hands. Use the marker. Start to accessorize it by adding bows, ribbons, or polka dots. Use the coloring pens. If you have completed the outlines, cut them around the edges and add glitters. Now, you already have an original design. You can use it for further projects or make it as a gift for your loved ones.

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