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Feb 14, 2011
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How do you make a box with a gift box lid?

Usually we tend to find our minds stuck in a rut trying to figure out how to make a gift box starting from scratch, which can usually take up alot of our time which is strained, especially if  we are making that last minute gift since we forgot the anniversary date or for someone’s birthday. This is where the Gift box lid template comes in handy. By using a Gift box lid template, we can ultimately save time and money by simply looking up which design is best and what materials are required so as to not be wasteful.

How to make a rectangular gift box with lid?

The rectangular gift box with lid template is one of the more common form factors used daily. For example it is used to store lengthy items such as shoes and kitchen utensils. A simple rectangular gift box with lid template features 2 parts (you’re probably going to need a pair of scissors and some glue for this), the box and the lid. First of all the dimensions, unlike a square box which are of equal sides, have different dimensions for adjacent sides. There should be 2 longer but equal sides and 2 sides which are shorter than the former. Cut out and make flaps out of the 2 shorter sides and glue the flaps onto the longer sides making a lidless box. Next is onto making the lid which has the same steps as making the box itself but has a shorter height whilst both the length and width stay the same.

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Printable Box Template with Lid
Printable Box Template with Liddownload
Gift Box with Lid Template
Gift Box with Lid Templatedownload
Printable Box Template with Lid
Printable Box Template with Liddownload

How do you make an origami box with a lid?

Whether you’re bored or simply have time to kill, making an origami gift box with lid attached to it might just be worth your while. An origami gift box with lid template is simple, just by preparing a normal origami paper which is usually square shaped with equal sides. Fold the paper in half from top to bottom and unfold it to make a crease then repeat but from left to right. Now you’ve got 4 corners which you will need to fold also. Now make sure that the origami is square facing you and fold the top and bottom to the centre and then unfold. Next unfold both top and bottom triangles and fold the left and right edges to the centre. Now fold the top part so that it stands up at the second crease from the top. While holding the standing part with one hand, open the left side with the other hand forming one corner of the box and repeat for the right side. Repeat the steps for the bottom part also and fold the top and bottom flaps down into the box and voila, you have your box. The lid has exactly the same steps except for the part after you unfold the first top and bottom triangles, leaving a space from the centre when folding both the left and right edges to get a bigger dimension for the lid.

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