Printable School Bus Rules

Aug 07, 2013
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Printable School Bus Rules

Printable School Bus Rules

School Bus Safety Rules
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Is it illegal to cut off a school bus?

Have we ever heard this kind of sayings, "When in Rome, do as the Romans do." These sayings mean that when we are somewhere and they have kinds of rules to obey, then we are required to do that. It is a sign of respect and protects the place from something unwanted that may happen when we disobey the rules. Well, so it goes to cutting off the school bus. Based on the rules of laws, we need to keep staying, not moving, until nobody can't be found on the roadway and the bus is moving. A stop is not needed when it comes to reaching a stopped bus from the opposite of the highway at least four or more lanes. You are required to stop at least 30 feet from the stopped bus that loads or unloads the students.

How should you behave on a school bus?

Again, it is about respecting the place where we are currently staying and the people around there so that the unpleasant moments don't happen to us, to the place, to the others. To implement this, that's why we need some school bus rules. When it comes to being inside the school bus, we need to keep in mind to remember about this too. We need to put an eye on our behaviors too. Our single movement can affect the others inside the bus school too. We need to keep our behaviors so that it doesn't harm ourselves, the others, or the properties. When we have entered the school bus, just immediately sit down on the chair so that the school bus can continue the trip. Just stay on our chair and keep the environment clean. Make sure there are no things that hide or even block the aisle. It will add the ease of the others when they need to leave the school bus.

School Bus Safety Coloring Pages
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Teacher Printables Classroom Rules
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School Bus Safety Rules Printable
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Is it legal to sit three to a seat on a school bus?

When it comes to school bus rules, the federation is also involved to contribute to the law. Actually, federal regulations don't determine the detailed numbers of people that can sit on a single chair. The school bus manufacturers are the ones who decide the size of a school bus. Usually, when it comes to producing the school bus chairs, there is a common benchmark. The manufacturers actually estimate that a single chair can be used for three kids, which is an approximate size of 39 inches. They also consider that the chairs determine the gross vehicle weight and the number of emergency exits. The authorities recommended that all passengers are required to sit down while the school bus is moving.

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