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Updated on Sep 26, 2022
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How do you make a paper nametag for school?

If you want to arrange the activity for back-to-school, you can go with anything that relates to their names. Making name tags would be a great idea. Let the kids participate in the making of this activity. Here’s how you can arrange it.

All you need to prepare is the blank white paper. For the rest, you can let the kids bring their coloring and writing school on the day. You can consult it with their parents to bring the supplies you going to use on the first day. Continue with give the paper to them and introduce how they can do this activity.

After that, let the students write their names on the paper. Make them freely in using what kind of font and embellishment for their name tags. Allow them to layer the tags with the color they are wishing for. For kindergarteners, you can arrange them to just trace the dots and color them.

This activity allows them to pull off their creativity in drawing and coloring. Besides, it is useful for the first day, therefore they will be able to memorize their classmates. It is also great for the teacher to just mention each of their names easily based on their names.

How can I do school supplies crossword?

Entering the first day of back-to-school can be exciting for the students. After taking the refresh on holiday, they must be craving for learning something in the classroom with their classmates.

Seeing the student’s motivation might also bring the same cheer for you to arrange the activity for them. One of the activities you can hold is the school word crossword puzzle.

For the lower grade, you need to provide the crossword in simple clues. Find the crossword template using the picture and number as clues. In this activity, they have to match the picture with the boxes they need to fill.

The clues can consist of the school supplies they can find in the classroom and also their own. It can be a pencil, ruler, scissor, book, bag, clock, whiteboard, chalkboard, paint, brush, and many more. Make sure they understand how to do this worksheet.

The students can fill each crossword box by matching it with the same number of the picture. So, they need to write the items on the picture into the boxes. Before doing this worksheet, make sure they know the name of the school items or words you put on the worksheet.

Reviewing the school supplies right before they do the task would help them. It also improves their fine motor skills in matching the picture and the number.

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How can I make the students do an introduction?

During back to school, each student might not familiar with the other. It’s your job to make them socialize. The introduction is the most important aspect to do on the first day back to school. There are some kinds of introduction types you can apply in your class. Here’s how you can make one for your class.

Doing classroom introduction can be done verbally. Ask them to introduce themselves in front of the class to let everyone pay attention to them. You can make them mention the information that everyone’s needed such as their name, address, hobbies, future job wish, and many more. Making an introduction essay would be great too.

It is such a complete version of the introduction that you can let them talk about their identity while also telling the story that relates to it.

For example, you can make them mention their name and the meaning they know from parents or just the hobbies and the reason they find them interesting.

Making the introduction worksheet would improve their sense of creativity. Let them fill and color the blank introduction worksheet you gave to them. Besides the self-introduction, you can also introduce them to the classroom and school environment.

After leaving for the holiday, some schools might change due to construction. Introduce the new sites while also mentioning the purpose of the building.

The classroom they live in must be different from the previous one. Construct the activity which makes them more familiar with the classroom such as mentioning and writing the classroom supplies, decorating its wall, and so on.

Choose the introduction type which suits your students the most while also considering the skills they probably gain from the introduction activity.

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