Printable Quilt Journal Pages

Dec 24, 2015
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Printable Quilt Journal Pages
Printable Quilt Journal Pagesdownload

What is a Journal Quilt?

Journal quilt is a journal made to document the quilts project. Usually made in certain shapes and sizes and made regularly either weekly or monthly. Journal quilt is a great way to overcome creative blocks as it provides the opportunity to try out new ideas, techniques, materials, style, etc. Journal quilt is an easier approach to experiment. With smaller size (usually around 12" x 12" at most), artists can experiment with materials and patterns without having to worry about committing to bigger projects. It can be a fun journey. You can also choose a certain theme for your journal quilt.

What is the Easiest Quilt Pattern?

There are a lot of pattern options when it comes to quilting. The most recognizable, popular, and easiest quilt pattern is the one using precut fabrics shaped in rectangles or boxes. If you're new into quilting, you can try the easy four patch pattern that uses four patches of rectangle fabric and ensemble it together into a bigger rectangle. After you master this easy four patches pattern, you can step up the game and try the nine patch quilt block pattern. Once you are good with these easy patterns, you can try other easy patterns such as color brick and jelly rolls.

Can I Quilt on a Regular Sewing Machine?

The answer to this question is yes, you can. Of course, if you are serious about quilting, you will need some more pro tools including a better sewing machine. But you don't need all of those tools to start. You can use a regular sewing machine that you already own. It is a great place to start and learn. You can do a straight line with a regular walking foot. You can add more movement and curves into your quilt using free motion quilting foot. And along with your quilting journey, you may want to upgrade your tools once you feel confident and need an upgrade to ease some problems that bother you.

Printable Quilt Journal Pages
Printable Quilt Journal Pagesdownload
Sewing Journal Page Templates
Sewing Journal Page Templatesdownload
Quilt Journal Pages
Quilt Journal Pagesdownload
Printable Quilt Journal Pages
Printable Quilt Journal Pagesdownload
Quilting Printable Journal Pages
Quilting Printable Journal Pagesdownload

What does A Beginner Quilter Need?

There are a lot of tools used by quilters. If you are new to the quilting journey, you don't have to buy all of the pro-tools available, but you may wonder what kind of must-have tools for beginners? Here are the top ten list of quilting tools for beginners:
1.    Cutting Mat
2.    Rotary Cutter
3.    Scissors
4.    Pins, needles, and clips
5.    Adhesive spray
6.    Quilting rulers
7.    Sewing machine
8.    Ironing board and iron
9.    Seam ripper
10.    Spray starch 

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