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Updated on Aug 22, 2022
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Writing Journal Cover
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How to decorate a DIY journal cover?

Create your customized journal cover to boost you to keep a diary. Teenagers, adults, and even children may make this stunning paper craft. By doing this, you may completely personalize your diary. This project will be enjoyable for you if you have an artistic streak and are a decent artist at sketching, drawing, or coloring.

The materials you will require to complete this project are listed below.


  • Kraft paper
  • Old notebook
  • A plain piece of paper
  • Pen
  • Ruler
  • Glue stick
  • Scissors


Here are some detailed stage process instructions for creating this cover yourself.

Step 1:

You possess plenty of space to modify and create the journal since we'll be constructing our own notebook and cover. So, after choosing your preferred craft paper for the cover, spread it out on a flat table.

Atop the paper, lay open your notepad. The purpose of this step is to determine the notebook's size so that the measurements for the cover may be marked.

Prior to actually completely removing the remainder of the craft paper, ensure that there is at least an inch of paper space all the way around the notebook.

Step 2:

The notebook should now be placed on a simple piece of decorated paper with its pages closed. Sketch a precise outline all around the notebook without disturbing the spine's position. Continue until you've created two similar rectangles by repeating this procedure on the opposite side of the paper.

Step 3:

The two rectangles should be cut out.

Step 4:

The notebook's front and back covers will now be covered with a coating of wet glue as the following stage in this procedure. Place the notepad on the craft paper, and glue the side down. When applying pressure to actually secure the notebook in position, simply ensure it is centered.

Step 5:

Gently press the notebook closed after making sure it is closed securely. On account of this, the craft paper's core will be able to crease.

Step 6:

Take a set of scissors right now. From the page's bottom to its edge, cut a line that is vertically aligned. Additionally, make a similar cut on top.

Step 7:

The entire craft paper's edges should be covered in glue. It will be glued to the notebook cover by bending the edges in from the outside. Just keep in mind to bend the edges down neatly and without creasing them.

The cover won't pull or give way, and you'll be able to prevent wrinkles and other problems. For the other side, carry out the same steps once again.

Step 8:

Furthermore, even though your notebook looks stunning and so is, you can discover that you dislike the way the folded cover seems. To attach it to the notebook cover, all you have to do is put some glue solely on a single side.

Any unsightly folds or even simply the craft paper cover will be hidden, as you'll discover. When you cover the notebook's other side, everything is ready.

In addition, you can decorate your journal cover with your doodling, sketching, or drawing with the help of colorful markers, crayons, and even colored pencils. You also can write down your identity such as name, class, and other important information on it to avoid situations like you losing your journal.

Meanwhile, if you choose not to sketch or customize it since you like your journal looks simple and plain, you can use crafting paper in any other color or even just plain patterns.

Kindergarten Writing Journal Cover Page
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Why would someone keep a journal?

For children who struggle with writing or, in certain situations, even speaking, journaling is frequently a beneficial practice. The wonderful thing about keeping a diary is that it can be customized to meet the requirements and passions of the person keeping it.

For example, it has the potential to keep track of your thanksgiving, physical activity, food, feelings, night, desires, long-term plans, fields of study, and academic assignments. You can also make a note of your daily gratitude and feelings to write.

What advantages does keeping a journal provide for small kids?

Kinders typically have a relatively limited amount of freedom in their lives. As a result, they appreciate pursuits that provide them freedom and allow them to make choices.

Students have the opportunity to consider their writing and select their topics when they keep journals. The length of their journal entry is likewise up to them to choose. Kids finding enjoyment in this hobby is not unusual.

The fact that every diary post teaches you further about your kids is possibly even more significant. You will get a sneak peek into their lives and learn about their priorities.

They also provide you with an overview of your student's educational growth. You can observe their development as writers and the areas they still need to improve.

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