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Mar 03, 2021
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Kids Science Journal Cover Printable
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How can I teach my child science?

Yes, we can start download science journal cover for the daily science journal for kids. However, we need to understand, there is an assumption that science is commonly associated with adults. It is because science seems really complicated that kids' intelligence is still not ready to face the advanced things inside. However, that conception is totally wrong.

Learning is the right of anyone, including kids. When it comes to science, we can start with something simple. We can even find things that can be proven or explained scientifically in our daily life with our kids. Directly or indirectly, science affects our life, including kids.

To introduce kids with science lessons, here are the recommended tips:
1. Keep exploring, it is because science can simply be found anywhere, every place can be a subject of a discussion. Encourage them to ask more so that they will be curious how something can be defined scientifically.
2. Keep in mind that science is cumulative, children can learn about science from knowledge they have before. So, the knowledge is buildable gradually.
3. Pick the science lessons that include their interests, habits, and personality, this will help them to get more excited to the lessons. So, they can understand the lessons better. Plus, they don't feel intimidated to learn it because they are happy with it.
4. Involve equipment, some experiments will help them more to know the process of anything in a scientific perspective. However, make sure that everything is safe and when they use the equipment, make sure it won't be harmful for them. Don't forget to keep an eye on them and let them do things under our supervision.

Why do students need to learn science?

Besides the fact that it is anyone's right to learn science, including kids, we still need to teach science for kids because basically, everything around children involves science. Not only the natural things like the process of the rain, but also how school works. Definitely that also involves science.

Teaching anything with a scientific perspective helps the kids to think, analyze, and solve problems systematically. They are the skills that can't be separated. We even need those skills to survive. Introducing science early helps kids to solve the problems and improves critical thinking. Those are a lifetime skills that need to be developed and used so that kids can elaborate ideas, become more considerate when deciding, and even find a reason behind something that happens.

Science Journal Cover Printable
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How do you motivate students to learn science?

Sometimes, a cute science journal cover won't motivate them to be curious about science. It's because they already made a prejudice that science is difficult and complicated. However, we can show them that science is near, even around us.

Here are the tips to motivate students to learn science:

1. Create a positive image, we can simply introduce them that science can be cool, not nerdy and geeky. We can give reasons that all we have today is because science works behind all these.
2. Be a good role model, we need to learn too. So, when we introduce them with science, they can be attracted since we also have a variety and wide knowledge about science. This also helps us to elaborate all about science without any hassle.
3. Prove the science in everyday life. We can simply show them how rain works, how season changes, or how the stomach works after we eat a snack. This can be more relatable with them so they can learn better.
4. Make it fun, if we don't understand to answer or explain, we can invite them to learn together so that it seems more fun than a one-way teaching. We can also involve games or trivia quiz to give more sparkfun lessons.

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