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Feb 19, 2015
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Printable Number Line 1-10
Printable Number Line 1-10download

What is the Number Line?

In math, a number line is presented by a line with points. Each point represents a real number. The points placed with even space between them. The line can go right and left presenting all real numbers either positive or negative numbers. the line can go continuously forever. The line is commonly used to teach children the basic math operation such as addition and subtraction. It is easier for parents and teachers to teach the concept to children using the number line because you can easily move forward and backward. 

How to draw a Number Line 1-10?

Use a ruler and draw a horizontal line on the paper. Measure and mark each point with the same space between them. for example 1 inch each. Write the numbers on each point. You will need to write from zero to 10. You can then use it to teach your children. 

How do you use Number Line 1-10 to teach math?

First, it is highly useful to teach the order of the numbers. It is also easier for children to understand because each number is placed on one point and it represents the value of each number. You can use it to teach addition. Children can draw small curves or arrows to help them count. For example, to count 5+3, you can ask your children to find the number five and move right three times. The same principle is also applied to subtraction. Only, you go left this time. A number line is also a great tool for you to teach children to compare numbers. You can tell them that the value of the number on the right is greater than the number on the left. 

Number Line 1 10 Worksheet
Number Line 1 10 Worksheetdownload
Number Line 1-10
Number Line 1-10download
Number Line 1-10
Number Line 1-10download
Kindergarten Number Line to 20
Kindergarten Number Line to 20download
Number Line 1-10
Number Line 1-10download

How to make the Number Line fun? 

Math can be stressful sometimes. That is why teaching math using games is a way to make the learning process more fun and therefore easier to comprehend. You can teach the number line using a token. So instead of drawing curves and arrows, children can put and move the tokens along the line. You can also make a giant number line on the floor. Pick one child to walk on the line while you give them a math problem. For example, ask them how much 2+3? Let the children find the number two and step right three times. Ask them to mention the number they are standing at. Give each child a turn. You can even ask the other children to ask the question and count together while the others walk on the line.  

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