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Updated on Sep 28, 2022
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Fraction Number Line Worksheets
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What fraction games I can involve for kids learning?

Learning math can be boring yet fun. It’s all based on how you arrange it. Involve the games with the equivalent fraction learning sounds like a good idea for having fun vibes.

If you are attracted to this idea, let’s dive right in and get inspired!

Creating the sort fraction activity is great to apply to your kids' classes. Before jumping into the activity, you have to prepare the tool and materials first.

You need to gather the whiteboard, sticky notes in various shapes, a ruler, a coloring pen, and a marker.

For the first try, you can divide the sorting table into two categories. Make some lines on the sticky notes and let the kids sort the ones that are equal and the ones not.

Go further with letting the kids sort the fraction with more categories. Four categories sound great. In this activity, you will need the whiteboard divided into four parts.

Create the fraction on the sticky notes based on the categories and let them stick each fraction in the appropriate space.

Add an activity that let the kids to comparing fractions. Gather all the materials such as the fraction template and the template for arranging the fraction.

In this activity, kids have to arrange the fraction starting from the smallest until the largest one. It’s kinda challenging but still fun at the same time.

Involve the card in learning the fraction will be more fun. Arrange the kids to play in pairs. Let each of them hold the card and also prepare two pencils as the fraction line.

Instruct the kids to flip their cards while also comparing each other. The one with the largest fraction is the winner.

Those are some games you can apply for fraction learning. Apply the ones that suit the most with your teaching and props the most.

How can I teach fractions with food?

Going a bit extra with preparing the food for teaching is still worth gaining student attention. This kind of method works for teaching fractions too.

If you are interested to try on this method, let’s dive right in to know the details.

Before jumping to the learning, you gotta need food that you can divide easily in the class. It can be cake, pizza, cookies, chocolate bars, oranges, and many more. Prepare the food cutter to help you with making food fraction. Let’s jump to the learning!

Make the kids choose which food belongs to the fraction on the board. Prepare the fraction list on the boar.

You also need to get some food that is linked to the fraction. Then kids can do the match fraction list with the food.

The surprising fraction will be such a great idea. In this activity, you gotta need the orange to work with. Share the orange with the kids and let them open it up.

Let them count the fraction and write them down on the board. Besides the orange, you can also use mangosteen as the surprise fraction food.

Those are some ideas on teaching fractions with food. Choose the ones that you find interesting and let the kids enjoy them!

Blank Fraction Wall Printable
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Equivalent Fractions On Number Line
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Fraction Number Line Games
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Printable Fraction Number Line
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Fraction Number Line Worksheets
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Equivalent Fractions Number Line
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How can I arrange number worksheets for preschoolers?

The number belongs to the basic material to teach in preschool. Using the worksheet as a number testing tool is such a great idea.

There are numerous styles to choose from. If you are craving a recommendation, just check this out and get inspired!

Remind the kids in writing the numbers through a tracing worksheet. For preschoolers, you can attach 1-5 numbers to trace repeatedly.

Color the items that represent the number sounds interesting too. in this worksheet, you will attach the things that kids are familiar with.

Attaching more things than the number is a must. All the kids need to do is color the things that represent the number.

The count-and-match activity is interesting too. in this worksheet, you can let the kids do the cut and glue activity.

Prepare the dots and the hands counting template in grids. In this worksheet, kids have to match between the dots and the hands.

Color the number can be attractive for kids. prepare the worksheet with scramble numbers in it. you can frame each number with a circular.

Instruct the kids to find a number on the worksheet. Once they found the number, they have to color it. Free them from choosing the color to make them more excited about doing the worksheet.

Color by number is also appropriate for preschoolers. However, you have to arrange the picture with the couple’s number only.

The color-by-number worksheet with 1-5 numbers is perfect. Basically, the kids have to match the number and the color code to color the template with the right color.

Those are the number of worksheets you can arrange for preschoolers. Make sure you still guide them in the worksheet.

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