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Updated on Jun 02, 2021
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Multiplication Skip Counting by Chart
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How do you explain skip counting by 10?

Skip counting by 10 can be defined as adding a certain number with a predetermined difference. In other words, it skips from number to number by the same difference every time it takes. If we want to skip counting by 10, it means we need to move to the next number with a difference as many as 10. To assist us while doing this operation, we can use counting by 10s chart. We actually skip ten numbers from the previous number we chose. For example, the result of skip counting by 10 of number 20 can be 30, 40, 50, and many more. The difference between each number we choose is 10. Then, we can see that each number has the same amount of the difference.

When should a child count to 10?

Typically, most toddlers can recite number one to ten when they reach the age of . Even though they can name each number sequentially, they actually don't really understand the concept of basic math until they are 2-4 years old. When they mention number 1 as an opening and number 10 as a closing, they actually just memorize the order. They still don’t understand that the earlier numbers are smaller than the recent numbers. They  don’t get it if the order of counting 1 to 10 they commonly do is in ascending order. Every parent doesn't want to miss the chance when their children are at a golden age. There is so much progress made by the kids. It's because the intelligence and cognitive skills of them are rising significantly. At this age, they are also able to understand fast. They can even imitate things quickly and precisely.

Skip Counting by 10s Chart
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Count Counting By 10s Chart
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How do you skip count?

If we talk about counting by 10s, it must associate with skip counting. Skip counting refers to adding the same amount of numbers every time we move from the previous numbers. When we understand the concept of skip counting, this will be helpful to understand the next advanced lesson, which is a multiplication. For instance, if we count by 10 from number 5 as many as 3 times, then the movement will be 15, but repeated for three times. Then, the result is 45. It is the same as when we want to count 15x3. To sum up, it will be so beneficial to understand skip counting for multiplication lessons.

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