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Jun 03, 2014
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Letter J Worksheets Kindergarten
Letter J Worksheets Kindergartendownload

Where Can We Get The Letter J Exercise for Preschoolers?

You can get the letter J exercise for preschoolers on the internet. You are allowed to download the worksheet and tutorial on the parenting and teacher online forum. Since it is easy to make the exercise, such groups give the printables for free, along with the benefit for the toddlers to learn alphabets and the materials to decorate the J letter. You might as well get the exercise in bookstores. You can find the exercise in the toddlers and preschoolers section. 

What Should We Prepare for Letter J for Preschoolers?

There are a lot of supplies to make letter J for preschoolers. Worry not, because the materials are mostly non-toxic and easily grasp by them. And also, the first thing you need is a piece of paper. It is better to use plain paper because you will add some color. Then, for the decoration, it depends on the activities. Most of the activities are to introduce the use of the letter J like in jellyfish and jelly bean. For making the jellyfish, you most probably need coloring utensils like watercolor and non-toxic crayon, and a glue stick. And for the jelly bean, you will need some jelly bean candy and a bowl.

Letter J Printable Worksheets
Letter J Printable Worksheetsdownload

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Letter J Preschool Worksheets
Letter J Preschool Worksheetsdownload
Letter J Jellyfish Coloring Page
Letter J Jellyfish Coloring Pagedownload

How to Teach Alphabet to Preschoolers?

In order to teach the alphabet to preschoolers, they must be able to say 1 to 2000 words and other simple words. You can start to introduce them to the words from storybooks, alphabet blocks, and logos they see on the road. The books must be the ones with pictures. There are some specific books to introduce letters with animals, colors, cartoon characters, and so on. Thus, parents should be by their side to teach them letters and words. There are patterns of the alphabet that parents can teach from too. 

Who Are Preschoolers?

Preschoolers are children of age 3 to 4. They are already at the stage where they are able to develop their social skills and start being independent before they enter formal school. At this age, their motor and cognitive abilities are active. As a result, not only are they active, but also can develop their focus by doing crafts with paper and coloring utensils, and start to ask a lot of questions. Parents should take care of their ability to hold a pen and pencil because they are now able to trace some easy letters like J, L, and so on.

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