Printable 3 Inch Letter Stencils

Mar 16, 2014
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Printable 3 Inch Letter Stencils

Printable 3 Inch Letter Stencils

3 Inch Block Letter Stencils Printable
3 Inch Block Letter Stencils Printabledownload

How do I make letter stencils?

Before we want to have our own 3 inch letter stencils, we need to know steps on how to DIY letter stencils. Follow this instruction to have our own 3 inch letter stencils:
1.    Download 3 inch letter stencils template
This helps when we want to get a consistent and neat result. We actually can create it by hand drawing. However, there is a probability that each letter will make a different shape.
2.    Customize it
Usually, we need applications for pictures, like Adobe Photoshop or Corel Draw. Sometimes there are no templates that already have the size of 3 inch. Try to adjust to our necessities by creating 3 inch letter stencils on our own using the apps.
3.    Print it out
Then, we can pick our pieces of paper as the media of the stencils. If we don’t want to use paper, we can bring the soft file to the printing service and pick the material we want.
4.    Cut it out
Try to make a hole that follows the shape of the 3 inch letter stencils. The hole is the main function of 3 inch letter stencils. This thing allows us to put decorations on every surface. So, be careful!

What is stencil lettering?

Stencil refers to a plate of material or it can be a piece of a paper that has a hole of a certain letter with various kinds of fonts or shapes. The aim of the hole is to reveal the letters or the shapes. So, when it comes to stencil letterings, it means we write letters or words that are formed by letters by using the thin plate and paint the surface of things we want to decorate inside the hole of the stencil.

Large Printable Letter Stencils
Large Printable Letter Stencilsdownload

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Free Printable 3 Inch Letter Stencils
Free Printable 3 Inch Letter Stencilsdownload
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What paper do you use for stencils?

Even though the paper stencils are easy to break, this stuff is still famous until now. It's because the usage is easy and without any hassle. It is also easier to change it. The change was in changing the paper, not changing the shapes of the stencils. To overcome this issue, we can use a thick paper, like a card paper. We can even also use cardboard since the texture and materials are more consistent and harder. So, the chance of being broken due to applying paint through the hole is lesser. When we choose paint, definitely a thin paper like HVS paper will be torn easily. It's because there is also the residue on the stencils. It can even break the hole that forms letters or shapes. When the hole is torn, the shape will never be tidy and consistent.

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