Printable Fraction Chart

Feb 06, 2009
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Printable Fraction Chart

Printable Fraction Chart

Fraction Chart 1-100Fraction Chart 1-100downloadvia

What are the 3 types of fractions?

The fraction is used in the world of mathematics. The fraction can help to solve problems when faced with conditions that have to share one thing/things into several parts. In the process, there are 3 types of underlying fractions. The first is a proper fraction, the second is the opposite, namely improper fraction, the third is a combination of the two namely mixed fraction. It would be very easy for you to use a diagram as an aid to understanding the three types. Because the diagram is a single unit that can be divided according to needs.

What is a fraction chart?

Fraction charts are part of the help in the form of tools that contain fractions. This chart is like a formula that can be learned. There are various types of fraction charts made by people to be understood. Although they are different, the essence of the fraction chart is the numerator and denominator in each type. Fraction charts will begin to be learned when they are at the elementary school level because if given to children at lower levels such as preschool and kindergarten, this will be very difficult to do. This is the next level of mathematics that will be used continuously in the future.

How do you make a fraction chart?

Since there are different types of fraction charts, what if you start with the simplest fraction chart, which is a pie chart. Make a sample circle for each fraction that you will make into a chart. After that, adjust the number of parts of the diagram with the numbers that represent it. Suppose you are working on 4/6. Make the diagram into 6 parts. After that, mark 4 parts out of all 6 parts. If you make it into more parts, you can use more than one diagram to make it happen. The point is, you have to have a diagram of the same size for each denominator

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Fractions into Decimals Conversion ChartFractions into Decimals Conversion Chartdownloadvia
Fraction to Decimal Chart Printable WorksheetFraction to Decimal Chart Printable Worksheetdownloadvia

How to make fraction chart way more fun?

Fun can be easily found when doing activities that involve games. If a fraction chart becomes something that is difficult to learn, you have to provide fun elements in the form of games. There are many games that use fraction charts as part of it. Suppose you can use a domino game to complete a fraction chart. Only with the numbers on the card, you already have the first step in making the fraction chart way more fun. Then you can prove it by playing the game.

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