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Updated on Feb 15, 2022
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Fraction Strips 1-12
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What Will They Learn From Strip Fraction Chart?

The receiver of the strip fraction chart will learn a lot. For instance, they can learn about fractions in math class. For language class, people will learn about new vocabulary and how to pronounce the numbers of the fraction. For little kids, they can also learn about the color of the charts. Another game would allow you to do it in the group, so the participant might learn about problem-solving and communication skills. In short, you can learn many different things from the fraction chart. You will most likely learn fractions in math, but you can also learn about colors and shapes.

Can We Color Strip Fraction Chart?

Yes! You can color and decorate the strip fraction chart. Since most of the templates are meant to be colored, you will find many of the templates are blank and white. You can color the chart with watercolors, crayons, colored pencils, and such. Some people stick more decorations and colored paper to decorate the template. This one template is the same as any other template, where you can explore your creativity with it. You are actually free to add festive colors as you like.

Fraction Strips Printable Worksheet
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Printable Fraction Strips Chart Up To 20
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Where Can I Get the Strip Fraction Chart?

You can get strip fraction chart activity sheets on online websites. Many parents and teachers share this exercise, as it is very fun to play with the family, especially the children. On the teacher's forum, you can purchase the worksheets or download the printable ones for free and print them for your Christmas activity right away. There are a lot of download options for you from the simplest to the most difficult to start with. After all, we still want to learn something about math, don't we?

Where Can We Make Strip Fraction Chart?

Mostly, for the sake of their cognitive needs, people create strip fraction maps. As a consequence, at classes, Sunday school, language and math courses, or at home, people can do it. At school, teachers give the worksheets in the classroom for the learning material. At Sunday School, kids do this exercise to get to solve the problems and give colors. This activity is best for the language course because students will learn about numbers and how to read them in the target language. In math class, where the chart is often used, the students will get to know about fractions. Then, students can continue the worksheet at home. 

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