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Apr 30, 2021
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Cold Food Temperature Chart
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Why do you need to control food temperature?


When we are cooking, we often get lost at ideas of how and when our food is already cooked or when is the right time to take it out as we want it medium rare. Each food has a different kind of temperature since meat and fish should be cooked in different temperatures. Therefore, a food temperature chart could help you to control your cooking. A delicate and consistent heat could turn a cook into a delicious food. Chefs rely on this food temperature chart to make sure it is processed in the right way from a professional kitchen and guaranteed to be perfectly cooked and goes down to the consumer’s tummy.

What happens to your food if you don’t check the temperature?

It might be difficult for those to check in details when you are cooking at home. To prevent this, you need to prepare a thermometer and a food temperature chart.  The key temperatures listed on the food temperature chart could help you to learn and know what reactions happen for each food at each heat. This is a preventive way to make sure you are aware of your food safety. The things that happen to your food when you don’t check the temperature either can make the proteins in the fish and meat gone when it reaches 40 celsius. Instead of getting more vitamins from the veggies you cook, they will be no more than just green leaves cooked with not that much goodness left for you.

Meat Temperature Chart
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Food Temperature Chart Template
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FDA Meat Temperature Cooking Chart
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Food Safe Cooking Temperature Chart
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Food Time Temperature Chart
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Printable Cooking Temperature Chart For Meat
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Printable Food Temperature Storage Chart
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What makes temperature and time in baking important?

As important as for cooking, when you bake in the oven it is important to make sure the temperature and time. Preheat your oven before baking is the first tip as you need to get it heated up and make sure the temperature is on, especially if it is electric. When you want to bake, opening the oven door to see if the cake is cooked actually does not really affect that much to the best result. The importance of temperature and time in the recipe can be seen whether your cake or cookies rise or get flatter. Those are also related to the shape and volume of your cake. The moisture and fat content in the cake also depend on time and temperature balance process. Look back into your recipe whether you want moist texture cake and cookies or make it a bit more crisp if you are making pastry.

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