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Oct 22, 2011
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Number Chart 1-200
Number Chart 1-200download

What is the number chart?

When your kids start to enter Elementary School, maybe they’ll find a number chart in school as one of the particular methods to learn about numbers. But the problem is, you need to learn about number charts as well so you could help your kids to study. So basically, a number chart is a table that has several numerical order lists. For example, number chart 1-200. There must be 1-20 in the first row. Then, 11-40 in the next row until the numerical order reaches 200. 

Using a number chart could help your kids to learn more about number patterns such as odd numbers, even numbers, prime numbers, etc. Also, some mathematical studies require your children to learn about multiple numbers such as five, seven, etc.

What are the hundred charts?

Just like we’ve been mentioned before, a number chart is a table that has several numerical order lists. So, the concept is about a numerical list in a table, so does about the hundred charts. It is basically a table that contains a numerical list with a hundred numbers within. 

Usually, a hundred charts are being used by the elementary school in grades 4. They start to learn about mathematical study cases such as story cases, prime numbers, odd and even numbers, etc. Using a number chart 1-200 also helps your kids to memorize the numbers. It would be easier for them if they saw it every single day on a wall.

Why use a hundred charts?

Maybe you are wondering why it has to be a hundred charts, why not the other chart? The answer is a hundred charts is one of the most complete charts for elementary school children. Also when your child starts to understand the concept of a numerical list within a hundred, they’ll easily learn a numerical list of more than thousands. 

Since numerical lists actually are easy things for adults, we’ve seen them every day. But for kids, it's not easy, since basic numbers are only 1-10. So, when they start to learn more about numerical lists, it's just gonna feel like walking through a new adventure. To help your kids to learn it faster, you need to print a hundred numbers charts on the wall, so they can see it every day.

Printables 200 Numbers Charts
Printables 200 Numbers Chartsdownload
Number Chart 1-200
Number Chart 1-200download
Printable Number Chart 1-100
Printable Number Chart 1-100download
Math Number Chart 1 200
Math Number Chart 1 200download

Is 1 prime number?

This is one of the most asked questions about prime numbers. But, apparently, 1 is not a prime number. Maybe it will lead to confusion, but, the definition of prime is a positive number that can be divisible by 1 and by themselves. Also, the point is 1 is divisible by 1 but can run out by itself.

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