Printable Elephant Trunk

Updated on Apr 22, 2021
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Printable Elephant Trunk
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Elephant Ears and Trunk Template
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What is an elephant trunk?

The elephant trunk is a multi-function external organ owned by an elephant. Called multi-function, because elephants use it as a substitute for hands to pick up or reach for something. The location of the elephant trunk is in the face. It is a combination of the elephant's nose and upper lip. In accordance with the main function of the nose for living things, the trunk of an elephant has the function of breathing. Elephant trunk also functions as a communication tool with other elephants. Elephant trunk can produce very loud sounds. Especially the sound produced by adult elephants. With great distances, the sound produced can still be heard. Amazing!

Why is Elephant Trunk so expensive?

Elephants become animals protected by the world. The population is almost extinct because it was hunted by humans. In male elephants, the trunk will be overgrown with a pair of ivory. Humans who hunt elephants, surely eyeing the ivory to be taken. Because a lot of jewelry and furnishings that satisfy human lust are sold at high prices when combining elephant ivory as part of the manufacturing material. The high selling price is influenced by the difficulty of hunting elephants. The hunter's life and life are at stake for ivory. Though elephant ivory has become a historical asset that must be protected. However, there are still rebel people who think the rules are made to be broken.

Can an elephant survive without its trunk?

The trunk on an elephant helps them to live a normal life as an elephant. If the elephant trunk is cut slightly, the elephant can still be alive. Even if truncated on a large scale, elephants can still live. Although death is a good choice. Because even if alive, elephants will only be dying and feel tremendous pain. What if the trunk is cut? Of course an elephant will die as soon as the trunk is cut. Have you ever seen a picture of an elephant that lives without a trunk? Just imagining it is very painful.

Horton Hears a Who Elephant Template
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Can you get ivory without killing the elephant?

Ivory of the elephant trunk can be taken without killing the elephant. But this big creature can't possibly give no resistance when the ivory is taken, right? Human size cannot be compared to the size of an elephant's body are looking for ways to still have ivory. Therefore, humans chase him using a poison that can end the life of the elephant. The ivory is taken after the elephant dies. Or by the way, humans severely injure elephants, then take their ivory. In a dying condition, without anyone's help to care for themselves, elephants will die slowly. The elephant is defeated by humans who are bloodless and heartless.

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