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Updated on Feb 15, 2023
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Christian St. Patricks Day Printables
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Brief Story of St Patrick

Saint Patrick became a Christian missionary and bishop who unfold the gospel of Jesus Christ and is credited with founding the Church of Christ in Ireland withinside the fifth century. He is respected as the purchaser saint of Ireland and is remembered for his function in changing Irish human beings to Christianity. 

Traditional Symbols of St Patrick in Christianity

These symbols represent the heritage, culture, and beliefs of the Irish people and are commonly used in St. Patrick's Day celebrations around the world. 


The first symbol that was associated with St Patrick's is the shamrock. That is, a three-leaf clover is the most well-known image of St. Patrick's Day. According to legend, St. Patrick used the shamrock to provide an explanation for the Trinity to the Irish. 

The three leaves were meant to represent the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, and by using this simple illustration St. Patrick was able to help people understand the complex idea of ​​the Holy Trinity. 


The Story of St Patrick and the Serpent is a legendary tale about Ireland's patron saint. Legend has it that when St. Patrick arrived in Ireland, he found the country to be full of snakes. He used his powers as a Christian missionary to rid the island of all snakes and make it a safer place for its inhabitants. 

The story has become a popular part of Irish folklore and is often told as a symbol of Saint Patrick's courage and determination. The image of St. Patrick driving the serpent out of Ireland has become a powerful symbol of protection for the Irish people, representing Jesus' role in spreading the Gospel of His Christ and establishing the Church of Christ in Ireland. 


The main symbol of Christianity is the cross which symbolizes the sacrifice of Jesus to atone for the sins of mankind. Besides that, St Patrick is also a bishop who wears the cross of Christ as a symbol of his marriage to the presence of God.


Leprechauns are mythical creatures that appear in Irish folklore and are often associated with St. Patrick's Day and Ireland. Legend has it that goblins are little mischievous elves who carry a jar of gold that grants wishes if they can catch it. 

Leprechauns are frequently depicted sporting inexperienced garments and are regarded for their mischievous and playful personalities. Leprechauns aren't particularly referred to in St Patrick's stories, however, they have grown to be a famous image of the vacation and of Ireland in general. 

Foods and Drinks

St. Patrick's Day is celebrated with a variety of traditional Irish food and drinks. Some of the most popular holiday dishes and drinks include corned beef and cabbage, Irish stew, shepherd's pie, soda bread, Irish coffee, and Guinness. 

The most common foods and drinks at St. Patrick's Day celebrations are often corned beef and cabbage, along with Irish stouts like Guinness. Corned beef and cabbage are traditional Irish-American fare enjoyed by many on St. Patrick's Day, and Guinness is a famous Irish beer often drunk during holiday celebrations. 

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Christian St. Patricks Day Printables
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Music and Dance

Music and dance are an important part of St. Patrick's Day celebrations as they are an integral part of Irish culture and heritage. In addition to traditional Irish music and dance, many St Patrick's Day events feature contemporary Irish music and dance, such as Irish rock and pop, as well as contemporary forms of Irish dance. Whether you prefer traditional Irish tunes or a modern twist on Irish culture, there are plenty of music and dances to enjoy during your St. Patrick's Day celebration. 


The harp is truly an image of Ireland and is regularly used to symbolize the country's wealthy musical heritage. Considered one of Ireland's oldest and most well-known musical instruments, the harp has performed an essential function in the Irish way of life and traditions for centuries. 

Because of its long association with Ireland and its music, the harp has become a symbol of Ireland itself and is often featured on the official emblem of the Irish government. The harp is also a popular motif in Irish art, literature, and architecture, and is used in many forms of Irish cultural expression. 

In addition to its cultural importance, the harp has also played an important role in the development of Irish music. Ireland has produced many talented harpists over the centuries and the harp has become an integral part of the country's musical traditions, including traditional Irish folk music, classical music, and contemporary Irish music.

Irish step dancing

One of the most famous forms of Irish dance is Irish tap dancing, characterized by fast footwork and complex rhythms. Irish tap dancing, often performed at St. Patrick's Day parades and other events, is a popular way to celebrate and experience Irish culture. 

Ceilidh dancing

Another popular form of music and dance associated with St. Patrick's Day is the Ceilidh dance, a type of folk dance that includes group dancing and is often accompanied by live music. Ceilidhs are lively events, often featuring traditional Irish tunes and a fun way for people to get up and dance together.

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