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Updated: Apr 26, 2021

Printable Dot cards ranging from 1 to 20 can significantly enhance your or your child's understanding and recognition of numbers. They serve as a visual and interactive way to learn numerical values, especially for young learners beginning their journey in mathematics. By engaging with these cards, you can develop early math skills, including counting, number recognition, and basic addition, making the learning process both enjoyable and effective.

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  1. Number Dot Cards
  2. Number Cards with Dots
  3. Number Flash Cards
  4. Number Cards 1-20
  5. Subitizing Dot Cards
Printable Number Dot Cards
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Number Cards with Dots
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Printable Number Flash Cards
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Printable Number Cards 1-20
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Subitizing Dot Cards Printable
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Number Flash Cards

Printable number flash cards offer a convenient and effective way for learners to practice and improve their numeric recognition and arithmetic skills. These flash cards can be used at home or in the classroom, providing a hands-on tool that supports a wide range of educational activities, from learning basic numbers to more complex math exercises.

Number Cards 1-20

Your children or students can master early counting and number recognition skills with printable number cards from 1 to 20. These cards are a great addition to your teaching toolkit, helping to make learning numbers fun and interactive. Use them for a variety of engaging math games and activities that encourage participation and mental math practice.

Subitizing Dot Cards

Subitizing dot cards are an excellent resource for teaching children the skill of instantly recognizing the number of objects in a small group without needing to count them individually. Using these printables can boost critical thinking and speed up the process of understanding numerical concepts, making them perfect for early learners.


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  1. Lillian

    Printable dot cards 1-20 provide an effective and convenient resource for developing number recognition and counting skills, allowing individuals to practice and reinforce these fundamental mathematical concepts at their own pace.

  2. Harper

    This printable dot card resource is a helpful tool for teaching number recognition and counting from 1 to 20. Thank you for providing it!

  3. Nico

    Printable dot cards 1-20 are a valuable resource for educators and parents, as they help develop number recognition and counting skills in young children by engaging them in fun and interactive activities.

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