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Updated on Mar 10, 2021
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Number Flashcards 1 100 Printable
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Are flashcards a good way to study?

One of the tools that is commonly used for learning with kids is the flashcards. This card can come in various forms, including number flash cards 1-100, alphabet flashcards, and many more. Since the flashcards are produced in mass, we need to know some reasons behind using flashcards for learning.
1.    Recheck the answer quickly
Flashcards are basically cards that are shown to kids by flashing the information on the card. Then, they are challenged to solve the problem given. So, kids are required to find the answer fast based on the given information in the flashcard. This activity trains them to do self-reflection. So, this can deepen memory. In a simple term, this activity can be called metacognition.
2.    Activate memory recall
Learning using flashcards allows kids to remember the information without any clues of the context. This makes the neuron inside the brain connected. It's because learning without context hints is way more advanced. So, it encourages the brain to work harder. Then, the brain will be trained to remember the information in the future. Flashcard is a good media to repeat the memorizing activities until kids are able to name a certain information exactly the same from the flashcards.
3.    Let them to experience confidence-based repetition
The confidence-based repetition is using flashcards with separating cards into several categories. The classifications are made based on how good we understand the answer. This kind of repetition method is trusted as an effective way to learn and save the information. It's because the brain reads and analyzes the information for many times, but there is an adequate period of space for it to strengthen the recall skills.

How do you make flashcards in numbers?

Introducing higher numbers can be done with number flash cards 1-100. We can create DIY number flash cards number 1-100.
1.    Prepare the following tools: A ruler, an eraser, a pencil, various color markers, a scissor, and a piece thick paper.
2.    Download number flash card 1-100 printable.
3.    Cut the border using scissors so that it can create sheets of flashcards
4.    Draw anything to decorate the number flash cards 1-100 using pencil, ruler, and color markers.
5.    DIY number flash cards 1-100 are finished.

Printable Number Flash Cards
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Printable Number Flash Cards
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Printable Number Flash Cards 1-100
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What is the fastest way to memorize flashcards?

Here are some effective ways to use flashcards for learning:
1.    Create DIY flashcards
When we show the steps of making DIY number flash cards 1-100, we consider the benefits. The activities like engaging with new information, allowing the brain to work harder, and doing crafts by ourselves can make the neural pathways strengthen. This makes the reception of information done easier.
2.    Combining words and pictures
Visuals tend to be memorized by the brain easier. This is even described by a concept named Picture Superiority Effect. Images, pictures, or anything else that contains drawings is easier to remember than words.
3.    Using mnemonic
Mnemonic helps us to connect the information inside the flashcard. Mnemonic allows us to create abbreviations made by some syllables then create a simple and memorable word. Furthermore, mnemonic helps to find the relationship between fragments of information. So, it's easier to remember the pattern of the connection instead of each information one by one.

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