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Apr 28, 2014
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Hard Dot to Dot Printables Free
Hard Dot to Dot Printables Freedownload

What is dot to dot?

When it comes to downloading the connect the dots 1-1000 worksheet, we need to notice first that it is an activity of dot to dot. Well, the dot to dot can be defined as the activity of drawing that we are required to connect each dot that is printed on the worksheet in a numerical sequence. The dots need to be connected to reveal the drawing or the picture. If we download connect the dots, we actually are required to connect as many as a thousand dots. Based on the rule of the ascending way to connect the dot, we can simply conclude that we can't randomly connect the dot. 

Who invented dot to dot puzzles?

Yes, the dot to dot in general or connect the dots 1-1000 is a good puzzle for us to improve art skills. It is a good device to spend some of our leisure. So, besides doing connect the dots activity, we can also learn some of the little trivia about the dot to dot puzzles themselves. Well, actually, David Kalvitis is behind the invention of the dot to dot puzzles. He contributes us to get this kind of connect the dots worksheet. His occupation is an artist. He is also a graphic designer and puzzle inventor. One of the puzzles that are famous that also created by them is published by the publisher of Monkeying Around. Yes, he owns the publisher. Inside the Monkeying Around, he also publishes dot to dot puzzles, including the connect the dots worksheet.

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Printable Extreme Dot to Dot Puzzlesdownload
Hard Connect the Dots 1000
Hard Connect the Dots 1000download
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Printable Connect Dotsdownload
Hard Connect the Dots Printables
Hard Connect the Dots Printablesdownload
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Hard Connect the Dot 1 to 1000
Hard Connect the Dot 1 to 1000download
Connect The Dots For Adults
Connect The Dots For Adultsdownload

What are the benefits of dot to dot?

Yes, we can introduce connect the dots worksheet to our kids for an advanced puzzle. Of coure, all puzzle, including connect the dots 1-1000 worksheet brings the benefits for our kids. There are some dominant benefits that our kids can get when using connect the dots as their activities. Here are the benefits below:

  1. Counting fluency, it is because they need to trace the number in ascending so that they can connect the dots 1-1000 correctly then they will get the portrayed drawing.
  2. Improve hand-eye coordination, it is known that using a pencil and carefully keep an eye on the paper helps the kids to balance the intensity of the work of both hands and eyes.
  3. Fine motor skills, when it comes to holding the pencil to finish connect the dots, it actually helps the kids to work with their fingers and hands to hold the pencil firmly. When it comes to fine motor skills, the most trained skills is the usage of fingers and hands.
  4. Handwriting skills, it is known that making the kids familiar with stroking lines with a pencil will make them familiar with writing too so that they can handwrite faster fluently.

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