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Updated on May 29, 2023
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Printable Funeral Prayer Cards
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What is a Memorial Card?

When talking about funerals and memorials, there are the term memorial cards. What's that? So, a memorial card is a pamphlet of small size that is customized and personalized for use at funerals or memorials. This card is used as a memento from the family to guests who come to funerals or memorials. There is a short message along with a photo of the person who died, date of birth, date of death, prayer, and poetry on the card.

With this memorial card, all the guests who come feel more comfortable and close to the family of the person who died. On the card, the messages and images used are related to the religion of the deceased person.

The memorial cards can be kept by guests for years. Currently, memorial cards have undergone many developments in form, design, and content. So, there are many types of unique memorial cards that not only serve as a memento but can also be displayed at home.

Memorial cards are also used by families to honor loved ones who have died. The message must be able to describe the character of the person who died. The message must also bring a happy and comforting message to the family and people.

What are Short Message Ideas to Write on Memorial Cards?

You and your family will miss the closest person who died. So, you can make memorial cards at funerals or memorials. Find the messages in the Bible that best fits the character of your loved one. Here are some interesting ideas related to remembering with prayer: simple prayers for a meaningful memorial card.

  1. I'm Free

    For Protestant Christianity, there is a message in the Book of Common Prayer 1553 which can be used as a short message on a memorial card. The message was taken from a poem in the book. The message begins with the sentence "Don't be sad, because now I'm free." This message is suitable to be used for someone who died due to long pain.

  2. Hail Mary

    Hail Mary is a message that is widely used in Catholic memorial cards. Hail Mary is one part of the Holy Rosary. It is a collection of prayers made by Catholics to Mary. Hail Mary gives a message regarding the prayers of Catholics to Mary, the mother of Jesus, to give them help.

  3. Prayer for the Deceased

    This message is also often used by Catholics when their loved ones pass away. The message was written on a memorial card. Its words are “O God, they have rested eternally. Give them a bright light to guide their journey. May they go to Your house with affection to rest in peace."

    There are several words in the sentence that are often found on tombstones. Those words are “rest in peace.”

  4. The Life that I Have

    Messages on memorial cards can not only be obtained from the Bible but also from poetry and songs. There is a poem that can be used as a deep message in a memorial card. One of the sentences of the poem is "The life that I currently have is everything that I have and that life is yours." The poem is a creation of Leo Marks.

  5. Genesis 3:19

    You can also use a message written in the Torah. One of them is the message written in Genesis 3:19. There are famous words that read “You are dust and because of that you will return to dust.”

Memorial Prayer Cards Templates Free
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Funeral Memorial Cards Template
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Printable Funeral Memorial Card Template
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Printable Funeral Memorial Card Template
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Funeral Memorial Card Prayers
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Memorial Prayer Cards
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Let's Get to Know about Memorial Stationery in Funerals and Memorials

When your loved one dies, there are many things to prepare for. One of those things is memorial stationery. This relates to the memorial cards described above. Memorial stationery is used in funeral and memorials packages which include various items related to memorial cards. In general, there are 3 types of memorial stationery.

  1. Funeral Programs

    This is the most important thing in memorial stationery. This is also known as a folded pamphlet. So, funeral programs are pamphlets that contain the funeral event from start to finish.

    The paper used is also decorated with several designs that make guests interested in reading it. With funeral programs, all guests who attend funerals or memorials will be able to find out what activities they will be doing at the event.

    However, the format of funeral programs is very flexible. So, you can customize the content and sequence of events in the funeral programs.

  2. Registration Book

    Another thing is a registration book. This book is used because many guests come to funerals or memorials, so it is difficult for the family of the person who died to recognize all the guests who came. So, the registration book is a tool to help the families of the deceased to find out who came to the funeral or memorial event.

  3. Memorial Cards

    As previously explained, memorial cards are cards that are used as a memento for guests who come to funerals or memorials. The card contains basic information about the person who died. The shape of the card is small and simple so it is easy to carry and put in a wallet.

    In general, there are three types of memorial cards. Those are memorial prayer cards, memorial bookmarks, and folded memorial cards. Among the three types of memorial cards, the memorial prayer card is the most widely used type of memorial card.

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