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May 17, 2022
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Disney Countdown Calendar
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How can you create a Disney advent calendar?

To welcome Christmas, you might think of creating your unique advent calendar for the kiddos. Tons of themes to choose from. Disney theme can be the one that your kids love to have. If you are about to make your own Disney advent calendar, let’s check this out to know more about the steps!

Gather all the materials such as the paper cup, tissue paper, Disney sticker, Disney template, Styrofoam, number stencil glue, and scissor. First, cover the Styrofoam with the Disney template. Glued them and leave them until dry. Continue with the date template.

Have the number stencil on hand and let the kids participate in tracing the stencil on tissue paper. Prepare the gift that is already wrapped up and make sure it fits on the paper cup.

After the gift is already on the cup, it’s time to arrange the advent calendar. Cover each cup with the tissue paper that already has the number on it.

Glued the paper cup on the Styrofoam that already has the Disney template on it. The advent calendar is done and ready to set up at the Christmas party. Kids can choose the numbers at the celebration and pop them with their hands to get the gift.

Those are how you can DIY the Disney advent calendar. It is such a great gift you can have to share with your kids.

What are some best Disney animation to watch?

Have movie time with your kids while playing the Disney movie. There are a lot of movies you can choose to display which can be in line with your upcoming celebration. If you seek a Disney movie recommendation to watch with your kids, just check this out and get inspired!

Wreck-it Ralph makes your kids dream of the situation inside the video game. It is also loaded with some colorful scenes that are pretty adorable. Moreover, this movie also contains the value that kids can learn from it. The Incredible is the kind of movie that parents will also enjoy watching. This movie’s about a superhero family facing enemies.

If you are looking for a Disney movie that you can also be nostalgic about it, then The Lion King has suited you perfectly. This movie can also become your alternative in introducing the kids to the king of the jungle, that is the lion. Coco is a Disney movie that you can get enough only watch one time. It is such a perfect movie you can display for Halloween.

The story, animation, and song, all about this movie are spot on! Other Disney movie recommendations that belong to kid-friendly to watch are Meet the Robinsons, Winnie the Pooh, The Little Mermaid, Moana, Up, Tangled, Inside Out, and many more.

Choose the genre that your kids love and have a great movie time!

Disney Printable 2016 Calendar
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What can I involve in the calendar worksheet?

If you already teach the kids with a calendar, of course, you need the testing tool to know how far they understand your teaching. The worksheet will be great as a testing tool. When it comes to calendar worksheets, you can turn them into various styles. Check this out to see the ones!

You can make the kids do the worksheet that refers to today's situation. Involve the coloring in this worksheet will be more awesome. Have a large font of the month's name along with the bubble letters on it.

It is supposed to make the kids know the present situation and the month’s name, and also improve their coloring skills. You can free them to color the font.

Continue with the days, involve all the days' name on the worksheet, and put it in grids. Ask the kids to circle the day’s name that refers to this day. Make them write today’s date too.

Add the weather by using the picture to represent it and let them circle it as the present situation. Jump to the date, you can make the kids color today’s date which you already provide in the calendar form with the grid and bubble font.

Another style can be reading a calendar worksheet. In this sheet, you will need to provide the calendar for a certain month along with the questions about it.

For example, if you want to go in September, you can ask about the number of days in this month. You can also provide the question that supposed the kids to show the day’s name.

It can be the question of what day of the week on 30 September. The question of counting the number of certain days will be great too. You can ask how many Mondays in September.

Those are the things you can involve in the calendar worksheet. Make sure you customize with the kid’s skill and let them learn while also having fun with it!

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