Printable Spring Calendar Numbers

Nov 13, 2013
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Printable Classroom Calendar Numbers
Printable Classroom Calendar Numbersdownload

How do you make a calendar for kids?

Calendars should be introduced to kids. It's because calendars will help them to understand the concept of time, including the elements on the calendars, which are years, months, weeks, and days. To make kids engaged with the calendars, making DIY spring calendar numbers can be a good choice for us. The vibrant color can spice up more. Here are the following steps to make DIY spring calendar numbers:
1.    Download spring calendar numbers
2.    Prepare the following: various colors of thick papers, a ruler, a pencil, an eraser, a scissor, and a stick glue.
3.    Use the template as a copy we want to duplicate or modify.
4.    Make a stand
The calendar that we will produce is a desk calendar. The foundation is a media where the elements of calendars, such as number dates, name of months, and days can be attached. So, create the triangular prism to make the stand. We can simply download triangular prism nets or create the stand by folding a thick paper that has square shape. Create two vertical lines on the right and left side of the paper. Use the pencil and ruler to create balanced and straight lines. Fold both sides so that it results in two rectangles. Then, fold the whole paper in half. Glue one side of the two folded sides earlier. Make sure the glue is on the inside. The result is a triangular prism with two holes in triangle sides.
5.    Put the calendar elements, such as number of dates, names of months, and names of days
We can cut the thick papers and divide it into three pockets for dates, months, and days. This is for holding the rest of dates, months, and names. Make sheets consisting of 1-31, January-December, and the names of the days from Sunday-Saturday. Place the sheets according to the pocket with the information on the date, month and day. To reveal the current time, put all the sheets in the front. Let the rest are in the back.
6.    Write and decorate the calendars
When it comes to the spring calendar, it means the color is vibrant. Draw and color the decoration with images that associate with spring, such as bright-colored flowers. Use our color marker. We can also download large flower template.

Printable Calendar Numbers
Printable Calendar Numbersdownload
Printable Calendar Pocket Chart Cards
Printable Calendar Pocket Chart Cardsdownload
1 Inch Printable Numbers
1 Inch Printable Numbersdownload
Printable Preschool Calendar Numbers
Printable Preschool Calendar Numbersdownload
Spring Calendar Numbers Printable
Spring Calendar Numbers Printabledownload
Printable Classroom Calendar Numbers
Printable Classroom Calendar Numbersdownload
Printable Calendar Numbers
Printable Calendar Numbersdownload

How do you use a calendar for kids?

The lessons are divided into two main parts, introduction to days and weeks, and months and the years. To teach about days and weeks, show them there are seven days in a row. Those seven days can be called a week. Every day has its names. We can start counting weeks and the order of the days and weeks too, such as Saturday is the day after Friday. When it comes to the months and years, we can tell them that every 28, 30, or 31 days, the months change. There are 12 changes in a year. So, there are twelve months in a year. Each month has its own names. The order of the month can be introduced too, such as June is the month before July.

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