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Updated on May 12, 2022
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2016 Monthly Calendar Large Printable
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How do I manage my calendar?

The main objective of calendar management is to maximize the investment return from the valuable, limited supply people refer to as time. It entails the methodical process of scheduling a meeting, activities, and projects.

The process includes both time-consuming but crucial tasks like organizing meetings and responding to meeting invitations as well as longer-term, greater creative tasks like establishing an executive's daily targets and putting time best management techniques into practice.

A properly maintained calendar should express and support fundamental goals. Both an executive's short-term and long-term achievement might be impacted by it. Therefore, one of the most crucial abilities an executive assistant should master is calendar management.

What advantages come from efficiently using a calendar?

A properly maintained calendar guarantees a planned, functional, and productive use of time. Performing this properly paves the way for realizing numerous other business advantages, including success, effectiveness, coordination, cooperation, and perception.

The following are some of the main advantages:’

  • Accomplishment - Managing your calendar assures you to focus on important tasks (like your executive attendant's targets and your supervisor's targets) while still taking care of everything else.

  • Optimization - Creating a methodical approach to managing your calendar makes it easier to uncover automated systems and technologies that can help you save time.

  • Organization - Centralized calendar management gives administrative and executive assistants the power they need to "keep the boat sailing" as efficiently as possible.

  • Cooperation - Effective calendar management enables leaders to dedicate time to having consistent commercial links without skipping appointments, doubling scheduling, or ignoring chances to create important alliances.

  • Business analysis - Calendar management involves more than simply today and tomorrow. They offer a thorough account of how time was used and for what objectives.

Utilize all of the strategies, techniques, and resources listed below to reap the rewards of calendar management. They'll strengthen your natural abilities, spare both time and tension, and make working with a calendar look simple.

Why schedules and activities are better to apply to monthly planners?

When you need to plan your time, have a look at some of the following reasons for considering using this application.

  1. It functions similarly to a calendar for the entire month but is intended to be used for recording regular schedules and highlighting activities and special occasions.

  2. To maintain a healthy balance between work and life and to take a holistic view of your life.

  3. A means to check your progress and evaluate whether it is going in the right order and see if you are doing things in accordance with your long-term objectives.

  4. Depending on the events of the month, you can change your monthly schedule beforehand.

Important occasions that have to be remembered in contrast to the remaining 28–31 days of the year can be noted, for example:

  • Trips and breaks
  • Social or "icebreaker" games
  • Workshops or tests
  • Meetings and appointments


Therefore, monthly planners can generally help you feel less stressed when your tasks are being fulfilled. In addition, time-saving techniques can be used while you arrange your monthly calendar to help you finish the tasks on your monthly agenda.

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Where should your monthly calendar be placed to be noticeable?

You really shouldn't really have to bring a monthly planner with you because it serves as an overview, synopsis, and notice for certain activities that occur throughout each month. It differs from both daily and weekly planners in this regard.

Planners can be put in locations where you frequently go and participate in activities such as:

  1. Around your workstation or any workplace walls or divisions
  2. In the kitchen or on the refrigerator door
  3. Before the door of a cabinet
  4. Near a book/reference shelf
  5. Your bedroom's wall or wardrobe
  6. Any location that is practical


Considering that you can create schedules using a printable planner, some of which are available online for download.

What can be done to improve monthly planner effectiveness?

If you practice self-discipline, monthly plans will be more useful.

You'll be capable of changing beforehand and rearranging some of the activities you do after you can look ahead to your crucial meetings and other occasions.

A monthly calendar is useful if it accomplishes its goals and prevents blunders like forgetting to complete part of your obligations.

It would be preferable to concentrate your chores in this manner so that you may arrange them by order of dates, and then you need to keep in mind that you complete every task as the appropriate date approaches. This will prevent things from becoming forgotten or tasks from piling up later.

After all, you just need to learn about the several-month planning strategies available for you. It might make it simpler for you to develop the lifestyle you desire by assisting you in keeping track of every day of the month and also how they fit properly.

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