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Oct 12, 2010
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Country Flag Names
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What is the meaning of the country flag?

The Country Flag is the symbol of a nation. Each country has its own history in designing their country's flag. Philosophical meanings and noble values ​​have been taken into account by the nation's ancestors, resulting in a flag as the country's heirloom. It is for this reason that citizens must treat the country's flag with great respect. Usually, each country has regulations regarding their country's flag. Starting from the time of raising, to the treatment that should be done to the flag. Everything has been regulated in laws and government regulations

How many countries in the world have flags?

Today, there are officially 195 countries in the world, and each of them has its own flag identity. Among that number, 193 countries are member states of the United Nations, whilst the rest are non-member observer states which are the Holy See and the State of Palestine.

What countries have flags?

Normally, the shape of the flag we know is usually a rectangle. However, there is one exception to this. Nepal is that country. They are the only country that does not have a traditional rectangular shaped flag. Nepal's national flag designs consist of two united triangular flag shapes, with the main colors being crimson, dark blue as a border, and white color for symbols of the moon and sun.

United States Flag
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Printable Country Flags England
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Printable Country Flags England
Printable Country Flags Englanddownload
Printable Country Flags Germany
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Printable World Country Flags
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Which country flag is the best in the world?

While maybe Nepal wins the uniqueness category, would it be enough to make them the prettiest flag out there? Not at all! This may still be and will always be debated, but according to the mass opinion internet, there are some candidates to bear the predicate of the most beautiful flags in the world. From the America Continent, Mexico and Argentina are considered to have the most beautiful flags. Meanwhile, in Europe, Albania, Bosnia & Herzegovina score some points too. From Asia, Bhutan and Sri Lanka inarguably have one of the most attractive designs. Whereas, Swaziland and Cape Verde got the most exquisite flags in Africa.

Despite all that, we all agree that each country's flag has a very important value for the country. They serve as national identity, national sovereignty, and the highest symbol of the Nation. The ideas and concepts regarding the beliefs and history of the nation have been poured out by the founders of the nation into the essence of the flag itself. Each flag is also a representation of a country and its own nation around the world when a delegation or group is assigned to carry out a specific mission.

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