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Jan 14, 2022
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Snowman Hat Template Printable
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How do you make a snowman hat out of cardboard?

Things that will be needed: 

  • cardboard
  • tape
  • scissors or a box cutter
  • paint
  • pencil or pen, and
  • compass


The steps to take are as follows:

  1. Creating the hat's brim: Puncture a hole in the center of a thick piece of cardboard that is at least 52 cm × 52 cm in size. Make two holes, one measuring 50 cm in diameter and the other 21 cm, using a compass. In order to maintain the center cut out, cut all the way around the larger circle. You've now completed the Brim.

  2. Creating the top-cylindrical hat's portion: Obtain numerous rectangular pieces of cardboard by cutting up a large cereal box or another thin, supple piece of cardboard. The two larger pieces, which are 34 cm x 21 cm, should be taped together to produce a cylinder that fills the space in the Brim hole. The cylinder now needs to be taped all the way up.

  3. Putting the top on the top hat: Take the piece of paper you cut out in step 1 and attach it to the top of the hat's cylindrical portion. After completing step three, which involves adding finishing touches, you might continue to step four and complete the top hat.

  4. Additional details: The hat's foundational design is now complete. It can now be customized by painting it or adding accessories.


How can colorful small snowman hats be made for Christmas decorations?

Winter decorations can be made with easy material and cheerful with these vibrant little snowman hats for DIY crafts.

Just 3 materials are required for this craft.

  • yarn
  • toilet paper rolls
  • scissors


Making the craft:

  1. The first step is to cut the yarn into 11–12 inch long strips. For each hat, you'll need roughly 30 pieces.

  2. One-inch pieces should be cut from the toilet paper roll. Even if it bends slightly when you are trimming it, you can effortlessly bend it again into a circle.

  3. In the following step, you will fold a length of yarn in half and insert the loop end into the toilet tissue ring.

  4. The yarn's legs should be folded beneath the loop and wrapped around the exterior of the ring.

  5. A knot is formed by pulling tightly.

  6. Up until you've covered the complete ring, keep going around it. To resemble a hat, you should tuck the knot just a little bit in from the top.

  7. Make a double knot at the head of each yarn knot using a different piece of yarn.

  8. To make a puff ball, cut off the tops approximately a centimeter just above the knot.

  9. The hanging string's ends can be tied together to make a decoration, or it can be pinned up afterward.

Printable Snowman Hat Pattern
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Snowman Top Hat Template Printable
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Frosty Snowman Hat Printables
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Snowman Hat Template
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Printable Snowman Top Hat Pattern
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Why do humans create snowmen?

Let's look a little further than the common knowledge that snowmen are a tremendous amount of fun around Christmas. Let's begin by providing a brief history of how the custom came to be. People have used representations of the seasons and other aspects of the year throughout human history.

In Greek mythology, the winter season was known as "Old Man Winter," and there are portrayals of it in other traditions as well. As winter began to be personified in poetry in the late 19th century, Jack Frost was one of the first examples.

This is thought to be the motivation behind the snowman's creation. The custom of creating snowmen dates back hundreds of years, and they are another representation of Old Man Winter.

The Old Man in this story was considered to have a chilly aura about him and to have a stern, frigid demeanor, similar to the abrasiveness that winter delivers. Many of these features and behaviors have influenced how we conceptualize snowmen, which is where his every once in a while spooky and aggressive characteristics originate.

Why does the snowman have a carrot for his nose?

An international custom for building snowmen involves using a carrot for the nose. Many arguments propose why humans naturally use this vegetable, although it is unclear why this is a widespread practice.

As early as the 1300s, snowmen with long, pointed noses can be spotted in some of the first artwork. Perhaps the carrot was utilized to highlight this aspect of snowmen.

A pointed nose was a classic approach to make them seem tough because they were frequently portrayed as aggressive and icy individuals. The defining traits of a snowman were crucial, much as how we connect witches with noses that are crooked or pointy.

However, the carrot is the best-known item to apply. Coal was originally used to create the lips and eyes of a snowman. But whatever materials were readily available at the time would have been used to create the nose.

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