Printable Bible Study Questions

Aug 22, 2013
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Printable Bible Study Questions

Printable Bible Study Questions

Printable Bible Studies
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What does it mean to study the Bible?

Study the Bible means studying the contents of the Bible and analyzing the research. Apart from its function for the Christian and Catholic congregations, the Bible is a book that contains many historical values. Not only for religious activities but the history formed since the Bible was discovered, research will continue to be carried out so that it will be passed on by future generations. The Bible study can be pursued both formal and informal.

Why do we do Bible study?

We do study the bible because many aspects of life require a clear understanding of the contents of the bible. The daily activities of devout Christians and Catholics will be based on the contents of the Bible. But with the bible study, anyone can interpret the contents of the bible with the appropriate action. Because not all of the contents of the Bible can be related to the present conditions of life. Can you imagine when someone made a mistake and had to be punished by throwing stones like the story in the Bible? Of course, this has violated human rights. You will understand it when you study the Bible seriously.

What is the question to ask when reading the bible?

When you read the contents of the Bible, you will find that many questions are unanswered just by reading them briefly. Therefore, you can make 5 questions that will help you analyze the contents of the Bible. The first is to pray and ask God if he will help you. Secondly, what is the purpose and purpose of this paper? The third is, what is the content of your reading? Fourth, how do you apply it in this life? Fifth, what activities can I do based on this reading?

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Printable Bible Study Women
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How can I study the Bible and enjoy it?

In order to be able to read the Bible and enjoy the process of learning, you can start reading from the part that you like the most. If you like poetry, you can open it to books that contain poems. If you need motivation, go open the psalm book. If you need to read with heroic characters, you can see it in some of the stories in the old testament. After reading it randomly, make sure you know the original timeline of the event because if you don't know the actual sequence of events, it can result in a misunderstanding of the contents of the Bible.

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