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Updated on Apr 06, 2022
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How do you use a mason jar?

If you crave a crafting idea without paper and glue, just go with the mason jar. Design this craft with themes and make it fabulous as home décor. Here are some ideas you can take to be your mason jar craft.

While welcoming a Christmas, you might not only need to decorate the tree but also your table. This craft could be spot on to place there. Have a clear jar along with an artificial Christmas tree that fits in it. Add the snow effects using shredded soap and spread them on the tree. After the framed it with the jar, place the saying “Merry Christmas” outside.

Fill the jar with daily quotes for motivating you. As a human, everyone needs something to feel better. Write your own version of affirmation words and even quotes or poetry that works for you. Roll the sayings and place them in your jar. Embellish with the tags and ribbon to make it more stunning.

Homemade scented candle. It is such fun to create your own candle. You can derive the ideas while also exploring some scents you probably love. If you plan this to be a gift, spread the sayings beads inside the candle. Once it melted, surprises are there!

Wrap the teacher's care with the jar. Christmas is the time to wrap a package for everyone including your kid’s teacher. Having a caring package as a present could be great. Insert things like hand sanitizer, wet tissue, lip balm, and more.

How do you turn a mason jar into a food package?

Serve your food in exceptional style using a mason jar. You might figure out this way is kinda strange, but this actually works great. Some foods to serve in the jar are:

  1. Salad


While looking for the veggies and protein color on your salad box, you can mention it is good to place in a jar. Layer your veggies based on their color and components. Stuffed the protein on as the center part. Some salad menus in a jar you can try on our California Salad, Peanut Crunch Salad, Quinoa Chickpea Salad, and more.


  1. Cookies


Have the cookies component layered in the jar? Cookie recipes you might consider having are Reese’s pieces cookies, chocolate Christmas, M&M’s cookie jar, Santa’s cookies, and more. You can also elaborate the contents with ingredients your kids might love.


  1. Cake


If the cookies fit as a meal jar, then cake also more. Stuffed the cake in a jar, so it will look layered on there. A simple hack that might go to place the cake in it is just to flip the jar and push on the cake. The cake will automatically fit beautifully in the jar.


  1. Breakfast Parfait


As a productive person, you might often skip breakfast because no time to prepare it. Making fruit and yogurt breakfast parfait in the jar can come up as the solution. Combine dry oats, fruits, and yogurt layered and leave them on the fridge overnight.


  1. Pasta


Aside from sweets things, savory ones also fit the jar. Cook any pasta recipes and place them in the jar. Make it prettier by adding toppings on the sides. Save it in a jar and fridge, then just use a microwave to warm it up.  

Mason Jar Template Printable
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Mason Jar Clip Art Free
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Printable Mason Jar Clip Art
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How do you craft a mason jar for winter?

Christmas is coming to town! Create your festive celebration memories with a new activity of creating a mason jar craft. Therefore, making an activity planner is a must. If you seek ideas for mason jar decorations for the holiday, just check out below!

Deer lights are pretty connected with Christmas and winter. This craft is kinda simple but still pretty. Construct the mason jar only by decorating the outside part with a dear template and simply insert the light bulbs inside. Give the horn accents on the closure.

Paint your snowman jar. Snowman needs to be all-white. Take your kids to paint the inside jar. Prepare the googly eyes along with any black buttons and orange flannel for the nose. Stick that outside and looks how gorgeous it is.

Mason jar as the Christmas centerpiece. It’s not impossible for having the jar as the main table decoration. Construct it with combine things well-connected with Christmas. Use its color palette as decoration. Fill your jar with water and put cranberries inside. Let them float then add the floating candle there. Add the ribbon for the red accent and artificial pine leaves for the greens.

A vase jar. The clear jar is quite versatile and even can replace your old vase. DIY with paint it as your style. You can works with gold and glitter then fill the vase with artificial flowers, pinecones, cranberries, and some greens.

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